I’ve been gone for a few weeks but have a good reason. I didn’t upload my last weekly check-in as we were traveling and getting ready for our Honeymoon to Mexico. That is also why I have been MIA these past couple of weeks as I wanted to enjoy my honeymoon with my husband. I will be sharing all about our trip in an upcoming post. I thought I would share a bit of an update and let you know I am back.

It has been a crazy couple of weeks, we have had some family changes to prepare for which included Daddy bear finally buying the car he has been wanting for a while now. Some may say it was poor timing (Me Included) being it was the day before we left for Mexico. It was spare of the moment and very unplanned but it’s something we have spoken about for a while so when we saw the perfect one advertised we jumped, booked to see it, and ended up buying it. We are officially the proud owners of a Volkswagon Caravelle and it is amazing. It also makes traveling with the children and Mia so much easier.

We also finished one of our outside projects, our driveway. It was our last opportunity to concrete as it is getting too cold to concrete now. However, we finished it all which now looks amazing, daddy bear did a great job doing it but he did have the best helper ever. We also finished all the fencing for the drive/carport so now the garden is looking amazing. It looks even better with our new car sitting on it.

We are now getting back to reality and back into our routine so we will get back into regular posts and soon the very exciting launch of the shop.