It’s the Easter Holiday!!

Am I the only one who is quite excited to have their little person at home with them again but not have to worry about schooling this time. And even better we can actually see people this time. Yes, it has to be outside and socially distanced but either way, we get to see our friends and I’m excited about it. I have also planned a few different activities for us to do and themed days to keep us busy. Let’s just hope the weather stays on our side.

If you saw my weekly check-in this week you will already know I have signed Baby bear up to a sponsored read to complete over the Easter holiday. Which we are both very excited about and Baby bear has already selected the books he wants to read (even though it changes daily and we are up to about 25 books now haha). There is still a little time to sign up if you are interested over at The Birches Book Corner.

I have also organized for an Easter egg hunt Sunday with V and L. Ofcourse socially distanced and each child has their own eggs but either way, I don’t care because things are starting to feel normal again. Having friends around, doing things together, and well just not being alone. Taking of seeing friends, I am also in the middle of organizing to meet a few friends locally with their little ones for a socially distanced picnic/catch up. I’m also sure there will be a few walks to feed the ducks with them to and I can’t wait.

As things are also slowly opening up we are also looking at taking Baby bear on a day out to Adventure Land. I think he will absolutely love it and if I’m being honest we all deserve a fun family day out somewhere. It looks really good and right up Baby bears alley. I will of course write a full review once we have been to help you decide if it’s a day out for you and your family. We will also be enjoying going back to our favourite nature walks, exploring and enjoying some fresh air.

I have also planned a few themed days at home to help mix things up for Baby bear. These include space day, Dinosaur Day, Pirate Day and Lego Day. I have a bunch of activity sheets printed for each day and a themed recipe picked out for each day. I will share these both over on my Instagram and here in a post or two if you wanted to see what we get up to.

It of course sucks we can’t spend these next 2 weeks seeing family but we want to be as safe as we can and follow the guidelines that have been set out. I know in time we will be able to see them so I’m trying to keep my mind on the happy things we have planned.

What have you got planned for the Easter holiday with your little people. Please feel free to share them with me.