The biggest reason I believe strangers give me judgement is due to me being a young mum. I feel like when most people find out how old I am, I then get the judgement from them because I am a young mum. Even when people don’t know my age if they think I look young they then pass their judgement on the fact I had Baby bear at a young age. 

Being judged for my age really annoys me as you can be a good parent any age you are, I personally don’t think it matters at all your age.  As long as he has everything he needs I think that’s all that should matter. As long as a child is loved and their needs are met, I don’t understand why how old their parents are matters. 

It not always people giving looks and tuts but the comments annoy me more. I can take the looks and tuts. However, I feel like there’s no need for someone to comment on my parenting. Baby bear is being a normal 2-year-old. 

Me and Baby bear
Me and Baby bear. 

Talking to Daddy bear about being judged, he has said he knows we get it from strangers and people we know but it doesn’t bother him that much as he knows we are good parents. As much as I try not to let the judgement get to me, it does. I have found the older Baby bear gets the more it affects how I am parenting him and what I expect from him. I find it hard to relax when I’m out with either on my own or with others.

I also think it wouldn’t bother me a much if it was just strangers judging me but when its friends and family, it sucks to know that others don’t think you are being the best parent to Baby bear. In their defense I know if they thought that’s how it was coming across they would be sorry and they don’t mean it that way.

I’m still working on not letting it all get to me. My sons the best thing to happen to us and I wouldn’t change him or when we had him. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for him and I’m doing my best for him. I just have to remember this more often.