I was lucky enough to receive a Kenwood MultiOne Mixer from Daddy bear. I have known I wanted a Kenwood for as long as I can remember so for my birthday I decided I would finally ask for one. I wasn’t sure if I was going to actually get one as I know they aren’t cheap. However, Daddy bear decided to spoil me and buy me the Kenwood MultiOne mixer. When I asked for my mixer I could never have imagined the appliance I would have received.

The Kenwood Multione is not only is it a Mixer but it is also a blender, citrus press and food processor with 3 different double-sided blades to grate, slice or rasp food easily, a juice extractor and mincer. We did look at getting them but at the moment I have no need for them so we haven’t bothered with them.

The Kenwood Multione Mixer bundle I received comes with everything you need to get started. This includes the mixer itself with a 4-litre bowl, K beater and spiral dough hook. It also comes with the citrus press which connects to the food processor, which also comes with the blade and 3 double-sided disks with different sized graters, mandarine slicers and a rasper (we used the slicers to make homemade crisps which were amazing). I also got the blender which we have loved using to make smoothies to go with our breakfasts. I love that it also comes with a mixer guard to help keep everything inside the mixer when you’re using it as well as a spatula. Which if I’m being honest I’m not a fan of the spatular it’s a little too flimsy for my liking.

It is so easy to use, sleek looking and just an all-around appliance. On the power dial, there is a little light by the one which indicates if there is an issue such as the top plate isn’t clipped in, the top isn’t pushed down enough, power issue and many others. I didn’t know I would love this feature until I was using my mixer with the different attachments. There is also a lever which you have to push down before you can either open the mixer or close it which helps it stay in the position you want it and also stops little helpers opening it when you don’t want them to.

kenwood Multione mixer

As you know I love cooking with Baby bear so knowing there are so many safety features on the Kenwood Multione Mixer. These are things like you can’t turn the mixer on with any of the attachments on if they aren’t completely clicked in with their lids. Which means there less chance of Baby bear hurting himself on the blades. You also have to have the lid completely closed for it to turn on. Even though the mixer is mine and I’m the main one using it I love that when I do cook with Baby bear it can be more of an enjoyable experience than a stressful one knowing he is safe. Obviously he won’t be left unattended with the mixer but like us, parents know it only takes for us to take our eyes off them for a split second for an accident to happen.

This isn’t a sponsorship or gifted post and everything in this post has been my own opinion. I would 100% recommend anyone who is in the market for a mixer to look into this one. I honestly love it so much.