I can’t believe it’s that time of year again, let summer begin. Baby Bear has had an amazing year at school this year, and achieved so much. We have all loved his teachers and it defiantly shows what a difference amazing teachers can make. This academic year has seen Baby Bear loose 4 teeth, learn to read fluently, improve his writing. He has become quite a math wiz and loves science. To be honest he is loving school in general but thats not surprising as he loves learning about and exploring the world around him.

This year also marks him finishing Key Stage 1 which is a big milestone and to be honest I’m not sure I’m ready to have a child in year 3. Finishing KS1 means he sat his year 2 SATS which he did really well with and passed both his maths and reading which is all we could ask for. Reading his report he is working right on track for where he needs to be and we couldn’t be prouder. Leaving KS1 also means no more pop in on a Friday morning which I’m gutted about I love going into school with Baby bear each week and having an insight into what his been doing. It also gave us a chance to see his teacher, build a relationship with them and have a chance to ask questions about what his doing. We have been so lucky to have 2 amazing teachers working with Baby bear this year and not only have they been amazing with Baby bear but also Sweet Bear each Friday morning.

So you maybe wondering what we have planned for over the 6 weeks holidays. We don’t have any trips planned which is defiantly different from other years. However, I’ve decided I want a summer with friends at home without travelling. We have lots planned, I have teamed up with a group of people to organise a range of activities each week for the community to join in with. These include, a sports day, a teddy bears picnic, a no bake day, and a cinema day. We also have a friends wedding which I’m so excited about and cant wait to get all dressed up to celebrate them. Baby Bear and Sweet Bear have also been invited to a couple of birthday parties as well as us having a few appointments and a photoshoot booked for the children. I also have a few events to attend to with the Growing Clan Shop which is exciting.

I’m ready for a summer at home with friends, I just hope the weather improves and it doesn’t just rain all summer. But whatever the weather does we will make the most of it and I can’t wait to make memories with my babies. I hope you all enjoy your summers to, take it all in we only get up to 16 summers with our babies before they want to spend their summers with their friends.