As you may know Baby bear is obsessed with the Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler books. His favorite is The Gruffalo. He has a collection of The Gruffalo stuff including the Trunki, Ready bed, Winter hat and mittens, and toys. We also have the matching Day Bag and Reins. After using them both for the last couple of months I thought I would share our experience.

Gruffalo Bags
Matching Gruffalo Bags.

Baby bear was lucky enough to receive the Reins for his 2nd Birthday. So we have been using them for nearly a year now and have completely fallen in love with them. Every time we leave the house Baby bear insists on wearing them so here is our review on the Littlelife Gruffalo Reins.

Littlelife Gruffalo Reins
Littlelife Gruffalo Reins.

Baby bear is little for his age so finding Reins that fit him around the chest while not being too big was an important feature for me. It has a clip chest strap that fastens to keep Baby bear from easily taking it off. So no escaping Baby bear here which is a huge plus.

Chest strap
Chest Strap.

The actual bag itself is a nice size, it’s small enough that it can’t be overfilled and become too heavy for Baby bear to wear while still being big enough to be useful. We use ours for Baby bears water bottle and snacks when we go out. Baby bear loves the fact he gets to carry his water bottle and snacks while we are out while being easy to get to.

There is also a detachable rein strap with a padded handle which comes in handy to keep Baby bear close by when we are out and about. I did worry at first about Baby bear pulling and it ripping the stitching. However, nearly a year later of using it nearly every day and Baby bear pulling and hanging on the rein I can honestly say it is very durable.

The whole bag in itself is so well made from high-quality materials. When we first started it was so soft and fluffy I was worried that it would get easily ruined. However, so far it has withheld the rain, snow, and Baby bears sticky, dirty hands without needing to be washed or become tatty. I am really impressed with how it is lasting. It looks as good as it did when we first got it out the packaging. This being said it is machine washable so I’m not worried if it does get dirty from all our adventures.

Detachable Reins Strap
Detachable Reins Strap.

I also love the fact there is a Personal Information Label in the bag to fill in with your child’s name and your details. Its the same in the reins and Day bag. I have filled both out with Baby bears name, our address and my phone number so that if Baby bear ever wonders off or we lose the bag our information is in there to help someone return it to us.

Personal Information Label.
Personal Information Label.

This isn’t a paid or sponsored post, Baby bear was brought the reins as a gift from Nanny with her own money so I’m not just saying these things. Needless to say, we love the Littlelife Gruffalo Reins and would recommend them to anyone looking for a set of reins for a Gruffalo fan.