As we all have figured out by now lockdown is shit. Noone is truly having the time of their life, everyone is bored, people are lonely and it just sucks. Our normal lives and routines have been turned upside down, but for a good reason. To keep ourselves, our family and friends safe. However, I’ve been tagged by the lovely Rowena over at My Balancing Act to look at some Lockdown silver linings. This was easier than I thought it would have been, to be honest, once I sat down to look at all the lockdown silver linings I found more than I expected.

So to try and spread some positivity during this horrible dark time I will tell you my lockdown silver linings:

Relaxing our routine.

As a parent, my day is planned down to the last minute to ensure I’m getting everything I need to get done, done. We are where we need to be when we are needed there and just to make sure our day runs smoothly. So it has been really nice to just forget the clock in the sense of not worry about what time of day it is and where we need to be. The only time our routine hasn’t changed is from dinner time to bedtime (5-7 pm) and that’s mainly because I’m still trying to keep baby bear in his normal routine as much a possible.

Spending time with baby bear before he starts school.

If you saw one of my recent posts you will know Baby bear is heading to big boy school in September. So I am so thankful we get to spend so much time with him before then. Even though I am mainly a stay at home mumma he attends nursery for 15 hours a week and I also have a parttime job so a lot of time during the week we aren’t together. It also means I miss a lot of things he does and says that I am now getting to see and hear (if you have a child you will know just how funny they can be).

lockdown silver lining

Watching Daddy bear with Baby bear.

This is going to really soppy but… Even though Daddy bear is a key worker so is still working but we are lucky enough to have him working from home at the moment as he can work remotely with a change to his hours it has has been lovely. Normally, he has a full time 9-5 job and out of work commitments, so I sometimes feel like we don’t get to spend much time together. Especially, daddy bear and baby bear so I’m loving being able to watch the play and spend time together now he is home more. It is also giving me much needed time to myself more than usual so that another plus side.

Starting one of our last big projects.

Since buying our home back in 2017 we have done a lot of work and renovations to make it our own. We have finally nearly finished the inside so we decided to start building our dream garden. Starting with Daddy bears new office space and workshop for all his projects with baby bear he has planned. I’m so proud of Daddy bear and excited to see the finished product.

Settling in and getting to know Mia.

Just before the lockdown was put in place we added a new member of the family, Mia. When we got her we weren’t expecting our lives to be put on hold like they have but looking back on her time with us. I’m thankful we have been able to be at home with her fulltime not only so she can settle into her new home and us but it also gave us the chance to learn about her. Get her into a routine that worked for us and her while just getting to know her. Needless to say, we have fallen completely in love with her.

lockdown silver linings

So even if the world is in a dark place at the moment and things are horrible out there. I think we all need to try and focus on the positives at the moment when you can.

Please feel free to share your silver linings and how you’ve been keeping yourself sane during this isolation. Please stay safe and we will make it out of this.

I tag the lovely Laura from Laura’s Lovely Blog.