If you read my weekly check-in you will know my amazing Maid of Honour and Chief Bridesmaid planned an amazing day out to Love Pub and Grub for me to celebrate getting married with some of my most loved people around me. It was a complete surprise and boy it was a good surprise all I knew was we were going for a day out in London and that was solely so I knew what to wear.

All I was told beforehand was that I had to wear all white and when I said about booking our wedding makeup trial and the girls confirmed that was a good idea. So I ordered myself a cute white shirt dress, and some white trainers (comfort is key) and booked our makeup trial with my amazing MUA and friend A. All that was left to do is wait for the day to come around.

When the day was finally here, it was very exciting for sure and I couldn’t wait to see what the girls had planned and spend the day with some of the best ladies in my life. Not long after we woke up A arrived to do mine, my mum, Chief Bridesmaid, and Maid of Honours makeup trail. She did her magic and made us all look simply amazing I couldn’t have been happier with the outcomes and it defiantly got me excited for the wedding day that’s for sure.

Around lunchtime, everyone had arrived at my parent’s and we were popping some warm champagne (Thanks dad) before going to catch the train to London. Of course, we got on the train quiet zone but lucky we were relatively quiet and everyone around us was very understanding. After some trains and Ubers, we arrived at Love Pub and Grub which is well hidden but looks amazing. It is a group of storage containers that have been modified, painted, and turned into an amazing place.

We arrived just as happy hour which is at 1 pm started so we got a few rounds in before finding our table and moving on to the food menu. They were serving Nuggz which were huge chunks of battered chicken with curly fries, we could also add different toppings. They were amazing and so tasty, just what we needed to line our stomachs before dancing the day/night away and drinking.

Time flew by and before we knew it it was gone 8 pm. The music was pumping, the vibe was amazing toilet lines were long but moved quickly and you always meet lovely girls in the toilet line. All in all, it was a simply amazing day/night that I got to share with a truly amazing group of women I get to love and love me. I would 100% recommend Love Pub & Grub to anyone looking for a good day/night out it is a really nice place with loads of seating, VIP booths, food, games, a photo booth, and a few places to get drinks from.

I can’t thank my girls enough for everything they did and have done for me in the lead-up to the wedding. I truly have the best girls ever.