Yep, you read the title right Mia had her first trip to the vet for something other than her injections today. We were hoping for her injury not to be anything serious however even though we are still unsure exactly what is going on. However, it isn’t looking too straightforward for her which just breaks my heart seeing my baby in pain and discomfort.

I know you’re wondering what on earth has gone on and I will share everything we know with you but if I’m being honest we don’t know much. She was upstairs laying on the bed Monday evening, I had put her food down which she normally comes running for but she didn’t so I called her. I heard her jump off our bed and she came straight down however she had her back leg up and she wasn’t putting it down at all. She hadn’t yelped so if I’m being honest I wasn’t overly worried at first and went to feel her leg and move it around to see if I could work out what she had done. She was unfazed with me pushing, pulling, and feeling her leg and foot with again no yelp or sign of discomfort. I mentioned it to Daddy bear who also looked at her and we gave her foot a salt bath just in case with no change so we decided to see how she was over the next few days as it didn’t seem to be hurting her she just wouldn’t put it down.

Over the last few days, she has started putting it down more but still limping on it or holding it up off the ground and hopping when she has moved. She seemed to be getting slowly better, however, while on our phone call yesterday she was cleaning her feet and while cleaning her bad foot she began to whimper little so Daddy Bear went to look at it again but this time when he touched her paw she yelped and run away. So it was decided she was going to the vet today to be checked over and see if we could find out what was going on. I made an appointment for her this evening for the vet to see her.

I hate taking her to the vet as we can’t go in with her. The vet came outside for me to tell her what happened before the vet took Mia back inside to examine her. Before the vet took her back inside she informed me that there was swelling in her foot but as usual Mia didn’t react while the vet examined her other than letting out a yelp when I picked her up and handed her over to the vet. The wait for her to come back seemed to last forever, that was my baby in there and I had no idea what was going on. This is also the first time Mia has been hurt and as I said other than her yearly injections she has never been to the vet so I had no idea how she would be either. As soon as they opened the door I could see her poor little leg all wrapped up and her sad little eyes. The vet then informed me that they aren’t 100% sure what Mia has done, but they think it is either a sprain or worse a break in the foot, so they have wrapped it up and prescribed pain killers for her. The vet did mention that we may have to have x-rays done if Mia doesn’t show any improvement. We can either book these tomorrow or see how she goes over the weekend with the pain killers first to try and avoid sedating her unnecessarily which I think we are going to do. They haven’t put a cone on her today as she seemed unphased by the bandage but did say if she takes the dressing off take her back for them to redress it and put a cone on her.


Which of course our cheeky girlie started pulling at the dressing within an hour of being home so back to the vets we go tomorrow if she keeps going. We have also been told to stop her from jumping, running, playing, and well-doing much over the next few days to try and help her heal, which she isn’t happy about and neither is Baby bear. They love playing and are the best of friends but we know she has to rest to be better so a few days rest it is. I will keep you all updated on how our little lady is doing and let’s hope and pray her foot heals soon and the painkillers take away any pain she is in. She is currently cuddled up in her bed sleeping while I write this probably feeling very sleepy from the painkillers she had earlier but who knows.