As Baby bear is getting older I am constantly on the lookout for different activities that are fun for him to do but can also teach him something. So when I found out able Mrs Mactivity I couldn’t wait to print some pages out to do with Baby bear. Looking through their website it was so easy to find themed activities in the topics section. As someone who worked in the educational system before having Baby bear I think its never to earlier to sit down with them to do some learning.

topic section mrs mactivity

Topics Section.

The first section I looked at was Bonfire Night as its just been but with traveling, I didn’t get to do any activities with him. I found a coloring sheet with the words at the bottom for him to trace. We have been working on tracing letters, lines, and shapes so it was perfect. While the activity page was downloading I had a look through the Winter and Christmas sections. Again downloading any activities that looked good for Baby bear. It worked out to be a lot of coloring pages but at the moment Baby bear is still at that stage of him learning.

activity sheets

Activities sheets

baby bear colouring

Baby bear coloring.

And again Baby bear had a different idea to me on the photo front. Every time I tried to take a photo this is what I got…

moody 2 year old

Joys of a moody 2-year-old.

Is there anywhere I can hire a 2-year-old boy who participates and works with me from? Please let me know below. 

I love how easy it is to navigate around this website, download the activity to then print for your child to them complete. It’s an amazing site that creates really nice learning resources that can be used by parents and teachers. Mrs Mactivity also says that if you can’t find what you want on their site you can simply send a message over on or use their contact form to inform them what you want and they will try to make it for you.

Their resource is free. However, because they have no advertising on their site they do have the opportunity to pay a modest fee of £9.97 per year. By paying this is will then give you full access to everything on their site as well as helping support them to keep making more amazing resources for you to use with your little ones. Which compared to other sites it nothing and I’d happily pay it.


This is not a paid post, however, Mrs Mactivity have upgraded my account for the year free of charge.  However, all these opinions are my own and I have no been asked to say any of the above.