As we welcome the new year of 2023 I wanted to take some time to set myself some goals. I do this every year and I find it does help me stay on track for what I want to achieve. This being said I don’t always meet them all and life takes over or things happen that stop me from meeting my goals but I have good intentions. This year I wanted to share my goals with you and invite you to share some of your goals with me and we can support each other in them.

Open The Shop.

This is something that I have been working on for a while but with 2 Sick children over the Christmas period and adjusting to a family of 5. The shop sadly had to take a back seat to everything else but I’m hoping once we are back into the swing of things with 2 well children I can finalize everything and launch the shop. Which is very exciting and nerve-racking at the same point.

Buy A New House.

This is something myself and Daddy bear have been talking about wanting to do for the past couple of years but due to our family situation at the moment we needed to hold off. However, we are hoping this year we can buy our bigger house as we have outgrown our current home. It would be amazing if we were able to keep our current property and buy a second property to start our property portfolio but we shall see what the year brings us. Buying a bigger house is the main goal.

Work On My Eating Habits.

This isn’t something I talk about a lot but I don’t have the best relationship with food and eating habits. This is something I’ve always struggled with for as long as I can remember. Since having Baby bear I’ve been working on improving this and I’ve been making improvements but it’s defiantly something I have got to keep working on.

Make More Time For Self-Care.

I am terrible at making time on a regular basis for myself and self-care and since welcoming Sweet Bear I have been putting myself last to ensure my family is cared for and everything that needs to be done is done. However this year I want to dedicate 2 evenings a week to myself no matter what else needs doing. I have been struggling a little lately and think this will make a huge difference to my mental health and hopefully get me back to feeling a little like myself again.

Go On A Family Holiday.

It’s been a few years since we have been away on holiday as a family so this year we have said that is something we are doing. We haven’t decided if it will be in the UK or abroad yet there are lots of pros and cons to both that we are weighing up. We can’t wait to make memories with our little people.

Add To My Tattoos.

I have a few tattoos I want to add which I have been talking about since around last August but put getting them done off due to the wedding and then honeymoon. I wanted to make sure I gave them enough time to heal properly so this year is the year of Ink. I have the designs and tattoo artist I want to do the work I just need to book them and add the artwork. I would also like a matching tattoo with a friend and my brother done too. I can’t wait to add some beautiful pieces to my body.

Finish Changing My Name.

There are a few more places I need to change my name from my maiden to my married name. I started to change it once we were back from Mexico and our wedding certificate arrived, however, I held off on the ones where I needed to send my wedding certificate off of the postal strikes and issues in posting things. However, now we are in the new year I’m hoping things improve and I can finish changing my name. Though it still seems so strange to use my new last name after being my maiden name for the past 26 years.

Be More Organised.

I am naturally an organized person in most aspects of my life however this year I want to make a point on a Sunday evening to make a plan for the week and all the things I want/need to achieve for the week. My sister – In – Law brought me a desk weekly planner for Christmas so I’m going to use this to assign certain tasks to each day to help me make sure things get done while also giving me time for my self-care. I will also continue to use my Mrs. Hinch book to make a list of all the housework tasks. I find having things written down helps clear my mind and also gives me a visual to keep me on track.

Grow My Circle.

I love the circle of friends I have however they all have children who are Baby bears age and are now back at work which means I don’t have anyone who has children of Sweet Bears’ age. So I’ve been going to Baby groups with her and I hope to build some friendships with some mums with children her age so she can make friends to go through nursery and school with like Baby bear did.


I love doing my year of photos over on Instagram so want to continue it this year. I haven’t had a great start to the year as Daddy bear has left his phone in Essex so we are sharing mine at the moment he was on some phone calls last night which prevented me from uploading day one. However, I’m not going to let that stop me from continuing to achieve this goal.

Regular Upload Schedule.

This is one I struggle with as life can become so hectic and the weeks just vanish and I don’t upload anything however, I’m hoping by assigning each day to certain tasks I can keep on track with uploading twice a week. I want to upload a post on a Wednesday and then my weekly check-in on a Sunday. I am aiming to write a few posts ready for upload in case I have a busy week or something pops up and means my assigned time is taken away. Hopefully, this helps me stay on track and helps me achieve this goal.

Date Night.

Me and Daddy bear got into a routine of having Date night each week last year which was really nice and gave us a set night each week just for us. However the closer we got to the wedding we let it slip. So this year I want to get back into the routine of having a weekly Date night. It helped our relationship loads and really benefited us so it’s something I really want to get back into the habit of doing.