As you may have seen over on my Instagram and in my weekly check-in, I have officially kicked off the wedding celebrations with my Lingerie party. My amazing maid of honor and chief bridesmaid did amazing and threw me a beautiful shower which I cant wait to share. It was a complete surprise, I knew absolutely nothing about it so it was even bigger of a surprise.

I arrived at my mum’s at 2 pm like I was told, everyone went in while I waited outside before my maid of honor and chief bridesmaid came and got me and led me out to my party. When I walked in and saw everything there were a few tears but so excited and grateful for my girls.

On arrival, we had a glass of champagne and my sister said a few words thanking everyone for coming. We then played a few ice breaker games before we got some time to mingle, chat, and have a few drinks before we took some photos in front of a beautiful flower wall and balloon arch. The photos turned out lovely and I can’t wait to make a photo book out of them all. By this point the drinks were flowing and so were the dance moves.

After a while, I was told I had to sit and wait for a surprise… I had no idea what it was but cameras started to come out. Out walked a butler in the buff, at first I thought he might have been a stripper but once he was close enough I could see he was in fact a butler in the buff. We then got to enjoy some photos with him, he played some games with us all which was a big laugh and got our hearts pumping. We then played another couple of games about how well people knew me before taking a few shots off of Rick’s ripped body. I was feeling very merry at this point and I think so were a few of my guests so we took some more “riskay” photos with Rick who I have to say was lovely.

He sadly had to leave us but that didn’t stop the party, we continued to drink, dance, and enjoy the amazing graze table my sister did for me. It was a truly amazing night and an amazing way to kick off the wedding celebrations and was very spoilt with all the lingerie I was gifted from my Lingerie party. I have an amazing bridal party who I can’t thank enough. Here are some of the photos that are PG enough to be shared, enjoy.