Hey Lovelies, welcome back to my weekly check-in, hope you all had a good week mine was rubbish if I’m being honest. That was until my parents come to see us Saturday and everything was made 100% better. As you know from last weeks weekly check-in I started my cycle last weekend and was really struggling with it this month. It made me physically sick and just really unable to function.

This meant I was off work Monday due to being sick so I spent the day on the sofa receiving as Baby bear had his first friend from School over for dinner and to play without their parents. Even though I wasn’t feeling good I didn’t want to cancel it as both boys were so excited about it. I’m so glad it went ahead as I loved seeing Baby bear playing with his friend and I enjoy the house being full of children.

Tuesday I was back and work and couldn’t have been happier about it, as you know I love my job and generally miss being there and seeing the ladies I work with and the little people. Tuesday is my late working night so Daddy bear and Baby bear enjoyed some boys time after he finished school. Once I was home we then enjoyed some family time before a early night to bed as I was still feeling alittle off.

I then woke up to a message from my GP about booking my second Covid jab Wednesday morning. I must admit I was a little shocked as I only had my first jab on the 3rd of March, but I figured it wouldn’t let me book an appointment until at least next month. However, when I logged in the only appointment available was Wednesday night so I took it as I wasn’t sure what to do really. Daddy bear did our weekly shop for us while I was at work, it is something I usually do so it was defiantly strange having him do it but I had my jab at 4 which gave us no time between finishing work and my appointment. Lucky he did it as I stood in line for my appointment for 45 minutes so after I was done we needed to head home to sort dinner so Baby bear wasn’t late to bed on a school night.

Thursday early hours I got woken up with a migraine so I took some pain killers and tried to get some more sleep before work. When I got up I still felt rubbish but I hate letting people down so headed into work with a lot of pain killers. However by lunchtime I had to come home as I was feeling even worse and the migraine was making me feeling super nauseous – I just couldn’t function. I then spent the rest of the day in bed with the curtains closed trying to sleep off the migraine and feeling like utter rubbish.

As much as I hate letting people down I had to take Friday off work as well as I knew I just couldn’t do my job or function at all. I spent the day in our dark bedroom Daddy bear was late into work to take Baby bear to school for me and my lovely friend, a parent from School M helped me and picked Baby bear up from school and brought him home. I honestly felt like a bus had hit me from having the covid jab.

Daddy bear has been talking about getting a bike in forever but recently booked his CBT so asked if my dad could go with him to look at/get the gear he needed. So my parents come up to see us and for my dad to go with Daddy bear to the SportsBikeShop to get everything he needed. This meant Baby bear and I got to spend the day with Nanny which was amazing. It was also Baby bears yes day (I’ll do a whole post on what a yes day is) so we spent the day getting some new toys, playing, eating Lunchables for lunch with huge buckets of popcorn, and playing at the park. It was amazing to see Baby bear spending time with my mum again after nearly 8 months. As it was also their wedding anniversary we booked to take them out for dinner. We even booked a taxi to take us there and back so we could all have a drink together to celebrate. Daddy bear and I were obviously second best to nanny and grandad but we don’t mind, I love being able to sit back and watch him enjoy time with his grandparents.

Today we decided to have a chilled day as we are in Essex seeing daddy bears parents next weekend. We are also finally meeting our sweet newest niece L and we couldn’t be more excited after her being born back in November. Anyways that is how our week has been, I’m finally feeling better after a week of feeling like poop so I’m excited to be back at work for a week before getting to see family. I will see you all Wednesday as usual x