We love to bake and make tasty treats in this household and with Baby bear going back to school next week I wanted to have a little mummy son time. So what better way than to make some nest cakes with my little man. Not only are they super easy to make and tasty they are also fitting for this time of year with spring upon us.

I know this period in our lives with homeschool has been hard but I think it’s important to spend some quality time together, no distractions (I will let you know now there are no finished pictures because of this haha). We got the idea from our friends V and L so me and Baby bear sat down and looked at a recipe to see what we needed. I know what we needed but I wanted to make it a whole thing with him. We made a list of all the ingredients then checked what we already had in the pantry before heading out to the shops. Which may I add was paper cases, all we had was paper cases.

Once we got home Baby bear was on a mission to make his cakes. I had to stop him from unloading the bag to take his coat off. Once we were situated from our trip out. I talked through what we needed to do again to help refresh Baby bear’s memory. He surprised me with how much he remembered.

Anyway, enough of the talking here are some photos I took of the process of making our nest cakes and 1 thrown in there Baby bear took of me unexpected. Enjoy:

It isn’t much but I know Baby bear enjoyed it and if I’m being honest it was nice to spend time together that was school-related as we haven’t done that in a long time.