As you may know, if you have read some of my older blogs, we are a family who loves being outside in nature. So when we were visiting family in Essex Nanny and me decided to take Baby bear to the local Gruffalo Trail to see his favorite character. While we were getting ready Baby bear asked if Aunt R and A joined us so so I rung and organized it so he could spend time with his cousin before we come home again.

Once we had finally picked up my sister and niece, arrived at the national park and bundled the children up ready for the cold he set off with our storybook to read along the way. Baby bear knows the book pretty much off by heart so as soon as arrived and saw our first character he was so excited. I liked the idea of reading the story as we found each character. Baby bear wasn’t very fussed about the story he just wanted to find the characters and play with the logs on the forest floor… Typical Baby bear really.



The first character we found was the mouse. Baby bear was so excited to see it and wouldn’t stop looking at him. I loved watching his face light up as his favorite book come alive.

baby bear and the mouse

Baby bear and the Mouse.

We then found the fox, Baby bear struggled to see him until we were close to it as it seemed to blend into the trees from a distance. Baby bear wanted a photo with A.

baby bear&a with fox

Baby bear&A with Fox.

We then went to look for the Owl. This one was harder to find as it is placed up a tall tree out of children’s eye line. Due to this Baby bear wasn’t very interested and wanted to move on quickly.

baby bear and owl

Baby bear and owl.



Next on our hunt was the snake. Baby bear took no time in climbing into the middle of him for a photo.

baby bear and snake

Baby bear and snake.

The last character we had to find was the… GRUFFALO… As soon as we found him in the forest Baby bear darted towards the Gruffalo. Baby bear kept pointing the different parts of him described in the book.

baby bear&a with the gruffalo

Baby bear&A with the Gruffalo.

We also decided to take a short walk through the forest to see what we could find. Lucky enough we were able to see some squirrels. Baby bear was amazed as they run up and down the trees. We were even able to watch one forage around the floor for some nuts. While we were walking around Baby bear decided to find the biggest log he could pick up and carry it around with us. We couldn’t get him to leave it for the life of us. Joys of a strong-willed young man I guess. Lucky me.

so proud of himself

So proud of himself.

On our way back to the car we also found the Gruffalo’s child.

baby bear&a with gruffalo child

Baby bear&A with Gruffalo’s child.