Before I start I just want to say the 4Louis charity hasn’t asked me to write this post. I just want to share our beautiful memory box they donated to the hospital for lost parents.

If you have been keeping up with what has been going on with our last pregnancy, you will know we sadly lost our baby to an Ectopic Pregnancy. I had heard of memory boxes after a pregnancy loss but I thought was mainly an American thing. We never received one with our other losses so I didn’t know our hospital gave them out.

When the nurse first gave us our box in the hospital she went through it with us to show us what was in it. If I’m being honest I didn’t remember much of what she said or showed us, all I remember is wanting to go home and wake up from this nightmare. Once we were home and after about a week I had another look, a proper look.

4louis memory box
4Louis Memory Box.

As you open the box there is a card right on top which reads ‘We are Kirsty and Michael and our son was born sleeping on 10th December 2009. We are truly sorry for your loss and would like you to have our keepsake box courtest of Louis. God bless your sleeping angel. xxx’. The rest of the things in the box are covered by tissue paper. I honestly think unless you have lost a child/baby you could never appreciate what’s in the box and how much these few little items mean to us lost parents.

When I unwrapped the tissue paper I could never have imagined how important what was inside was going to become to me. Inside there are 2 bears (1 for baby one for you), a candle, an angel statue, a book, a footprint/handprint kit, a card, forget me not seeds and an Acknowledgement of birth.

inside our memory box
Inside our memory box.
what is inside our box
What is in our Memory box.

We decided because once the hospital has finished running tests on the baby and tissue they took they will then do a cremation burial. The baby will not have a coffin so we want Baby bear to have 1 bear and we keep one. We thought he would want to keep it and put it with his other bears in his room but he was the sweetest boy. He told us he wanted to keep the baby’s bear in their special box. He never fails to make me cry with how sweet he is.

The book in our box that 4Louis included is Guess How Much I Love You. One of our favorite books we read to Baby bear when I was pregnant and when he was a baby. We couldn’t believe out of all the books to choose from 4Louis chose our favorite book to read to our babies. We have agreed once the garden is how we want it we want to plant some flowers in some raised planters around the edge of our patio. I’m even more excited to get it all done now so we can plant our forget me not seeds.

I have decided to add my very first 2 pregnancy tests, my hospital bands and some photos I took in our short time with the baby. Other than my memory bears we didn’t keep anything from our first 3 losses so I’m so glad that this great charity – 4Louis, provided us with such a beautiful keepsake that we can look apon whenever we are missing our babies the most. As even though we received it for our 4th Baby I’m going to add things from all our losses.

my pregnancy tests and hospital bands
My pregnancy tests and hospital bands.

I decided I wanted it somewhere where we can also see it. I don’t want it sitting in a cupboard or drawer, I want it out like we have pictures of Baby bear out. So it now sits proudly on our mantel over the fireplace.

Sitting perfectly.

I will never be able to thank Kirsty and Michael at 4Louis enough for donating such an amazing box. Daddy bear and I are so thankful that we get to have such a beautiful memory box for our sweet babies that never made it to our arms. And it’s all in memory of their sweet baby boy.

Thank you x