Since we have moved, we try to make the most of the time we have when our family comes to visit. This includes, doing on walks around our local nature reserves, the beach or local attractions. Our most recent family day out was to Bolingbroke Castle with my parents.

We had never been but had drove past it a couple of times so when my parents said they was coming to visit for the bank holiday weekend we thought we would take advantage and go to explore the castle.

with my parents

After doing alittle research on the castle, I found that there are no facilities as it is just the remains of what once was Bolingbroke castle. We liked the fact we could take Bonnie with us as we try and take her everywhere we can with us as myself and Daddy bear don’t like leaving her at home if we don’t need to.


When we moved to Lincolnshire we knew we would need to travel alittle to go anywhere other than the beach, but we was surprised how close it was to us. We knew we would have to travel so we don’t overly mind but obviously the closer something is the better. We found there wasn’t a car park when we arrived so we had to find somewhere to park in the little village where the castle is located but it wasn’t that fair to walk from the car to the castle.

baby bear&nanny

Once we had parked and we was at the ruins there were signs in different areas explaining what part of the castle use to be there and how it was used when it was standing. Baby bear loved running and climbing around the ruins.

Baby bear

Even though there wasn’t alot there, we spent aleast 3 hours there and we took a picnic with us as there are some picnic benches places around the outside by the entrance of the castle. We could of spent longer there really reading and paying attention to what the signs were saying and taking in our surrounding if it was a better day for Bonnie (she struggles in the humid air) and Baby bear was abit older. I wouldn’t personally say is it pushchair friendly as the path to walk round the outside of the castle isn’t wide enough for any pram, I struggled to walk round holding Baby bears hand. It is also very bumpy inside the ruins so you could take a pram in there if you wanted but it wouldn’t be the easiest to push around.

Baby bear&Daddy bear

All in all, I would recommend anyone looking for something to do for a couple of hours to take a trip to Bolingbroke Castle. Its not a whole day out but it would defiantly take half the day.

This isn’t a sponsored, or paid post. This is my honest opinion and recommendation.