While here in Essex we took a trip over to Call Of The Wild Zoo with K and M. I wanted to take the children to a zoo while here but also didn’t want to spend a fortune on entry tickets. I was pleasantly surprised at how reasonable the ticket price was so it was an easy yes.

Ticket Prices:

Adults (16+) £14.99

Children (2+) £12.99

Under 2 Free

Concessions (Disabled/over 65) £13.99

They also offer monthly zoo memberships and yearly zoo memberships which are very reasonably priced. To find out more here is a link to the ticket page.

As I had the bigger car I offered to drive us all and I was surprised at how close it actually was. The postcode takes you straight to the zoo, however, it can be easy to miss if you aren’t careful. There is a big car park however it is a bit bumpy with potholes but not terrible. Parking is free which is good and let’s be honest expected.

Getting into the zoo was so simple, you simply have to show them your booking confirmation and they scan it and off you go. You can also pick up a free map which also has all the show times on the back. There are however lots of maps around the zoo so it isn’t a must to pick one up just helpful and Baby Bear enjoys looking at the map on our way around.

It isn’t a huge zoo but there are lots of animals to see and is well done. It is also all accessible for everyone including prams/wheelchairs. It was all visible for Baby Bear without us needing to pick him up which was very nice and I think made it more exciting for him. Sweet Bear could also see all the animals from sitting in her pram so I didn’t have to keep taking her in or out, or her missing out.

There is one snack/lunch bar there which is a little pricey but expected for a zoo and the food is nice. You are also welcome to take your own picnic into the zoo and there is plenty of picnic benches around to sit at if you wish. It can become a little busy when ordering food around lunchtime but with it being the only place it is expected. There is an ice cream booth there also where you can get your cold treats.

I would recommend anyone a visit if they are in the area as it was a very good day out for the whole family. So here are some photos we took throughout the day for you to enjoy.