This is a late post. We did this day out the beginning of last month before our holiday in Wales its just taken me a while to catch up. 

We decided to take a trip to Mablethorpe beach and amusements when Daddy bears parents and sister come to visit as something different to do with Baby bear. He loves the beach and amusements in Skegness. Mablethorpe isn’t that far from us either, however, we have never been so nanny and grandad decided to take a trip there.

Baby bear and grandad

Baby bear with grandad.

As soon as we got there we got some chips for lunch but Baby bear could hear the amusements so wasn’t overly interested in the chips at all. Once we had finished we headed round to see what was there for Baby bear to do.

Myself and Daddy bear enjoyed being about to watch Baby bear have fun on all the amusements with his nanny, grandad and his auntie. I liked the fact Baby bear was able to go on all but 2 rides out of them all.

Baby bear on a plane

Baby bear on a plane.

Baby bear driving

Baby bear driving his truck.

Some of them he did need an adult to go on with him which meant he didn’t have to miss out.

Baby bear with grandad

Baby bear enjoying the amusements with grandad.

Nanny and baby bear

Nanny and Baby bear.

Baby bear and auntie

Baby bear with auntie.

Once we had played on the amusement rides we decided to take a wander along the beach front to find a drink. Nanny also told Baby bear he could have some sweets so we went to find some.

We also met up with some family friends to have a catch up as none of us have seen them in a while. Baby bear enjoyed playing with L which was nice to watch as they haven’t seen each other in a really long time.

The weather started to get cold and ready to rain so we decided to head home. On our way home, we decided with nanny and grandad to go out for dinner. So we stopped past home to drop Bonnie off as she couldn’t come to the restaurant and was tired from being out all day. We then headed off to meet nanny, grandad, and auntie at the restaurant for dinner. We had a lovely meal together before heading home and watching a film and relaxing before we left for Essex the next day.