If you know Baby bear you know he is obsessed with Dinosaurs and has been since our visit to The Deep really. So when my aunt mentioned going to ROARR! Dinosaur Adventure Park I knew Baby bear would have the best time there. We was excited to take him so when she planned it we were all very excited.

Just a boy with his Dinosaur
Just a boy and his Dinosaur.

As soon as we pulled into the premises there were dinosaurs placed by the side of the road leading to the car park which Baby bear really enjoyed seeing after our long journey there. We played Dinosaur noises through my phone to help with the effect of them for Baby bear.

who can spot the dinosaur?
Who can spot the Dinosaur?
Scary Dinosaur.
Big Dinosaur.
Baby bear loved the Dinosaurs.

Once we were in the Adventure Park we found Dinosaur Footprints leading to the first Dinosaur which moved and made noises. This scared the life out of Baby bear, to begin with, which was a little funny. However, it was magical watching his face light up after the fright had gone.

dinosaur foot prints
Dinosaur footprints.
Mummy and Baby bear
Mummy and Baby bear.
ROARR! Dinosaur Adventure Park.
ROARR! Dinosaur Adventure Park.

There were multiple Dinosaurs placed around the park. All the Dinosaurs in the park whether they made a noise or not were very detailed. This just added to the whole atmosphere which Baby bear loved, everywhere he turned there was something different to see.

Dinosaurs everywhere
Dinosaurs everywhere…

There was a Dinosaur walk, a huge indoor and outdoor play areas, Animals and a water park.

outside play.
Outside Play area.
water dinosaur
Water Dinosaur.
scary t-rex
Scary T-Rex.
Brave Daddy bear.
Brave Daddy Bear.

We had the best day, Baby bear had so much fun exploring and seeing all his favourite Dinosaurs half life size (yes that’s a size – don’t ask…). We can not wait to take him back for many more days of fun.