When Daddy bear’s parents said they were coming up for his birthday, they also said they wanted to have a day out with Baby bear. We decided to take them to The Deep Aquarium for a day out. We have planned to go there for Baby bears birthday next year but I couldn’t wait and I knew he would love going with him nanny and grandad.

Baby bear and Nanny

Baby bear and Nanny

Baby bear was so excited for Nanny and Grandad to come and visit, he loves spending time with them. He was even more excited to go see the “fishies” with them.

After around an hour and a half car ride we finally arrived at the deep. We didn’t know there was any parking fees until we arrived. However, luckily enough a lady gave us her parking ticket so we didn’t have to pay the £3 all day parking. I had read about their year entry pass but it didn’t give a lot of details on how to do it on their website, but it was so simple. All we had to give was our postcode and surname then they took a photo of us.

Before we went into see the fish, we decided to stop at their restaurant for some lunch. I must admit I wasn’t impressed with the food. However, everyone else really seemed to enjoy it. Once we had finished we headed in to explore what The Deep had to offer.

Mine and Baby bears dinner

Mine and Baby bears lunch.

High Five

High Five

Baby Bear

Baby Bear

Baby Bear loved the touch pool, I didn’t think he wouldn’t want to touch the starfish and sea urchin when put infront of them. To my surprise (I know I should of seen it coming his a child). He even listened to everything the lady told him and was so gentle with the animals.

Touching the star fish

Touching the sea urchin.

touching the starfish

Touching the Starfish.

The next thing we got to see was the penguins, or Dinosaurs as Baby bear called them (we tried to correct him multiple times but what do we know?). He loved watching them dive in and out of the water. He made sure all of us saw them and was so excited telling us everytime they jumped in and out or walked around.

Dinosaurs (aka Pengiuns)


Considering he is only 2, he stood watching all the different fish swimming around. I was very impressed in general with his behaviour. He clearly loved it.



beautiful fish

Beautiful fish.

Baby bear and grandad

Baby bear and grandad.

my little family

My little family.

Me, baby bear and nanny

Me, baby bear and Nanny.

Needless to say we had a lovely day and can’t wait to take Baby bear back in the near furture. If your ever near Hull, I would definitely recommend going to The Deep it is a really good day out.