Baby bear is obsessed with any type of vehicle. So when nanny saw a fun day at the Essex Fire Museum we knew we wanted to take Baby bear. We knew Baby bear would love seeing all the different fire engines. It was nice spending time just mummy, nanny and Baby Bear.

Baby bear and nanny
Baby Bear and Nanny 

When we arrived we were pleased to discover that we didn’t need to pay anything for admission. This was due to as adults were free and so where children under 3 years old. There was an option to make a donation if we wanted. I was very surprised as most fun days like this charge an admission for adults as well as children. 

We were a little disappointed when we arrived as there wasn’t as much there to see and do as we first thought reading the advert for the event for a fun day. The museum there was open, a table of printed pictures the children could color in, a modern day fire engine that was letting children help to spray the hose at objects and there was a 20p ride for children to ride. 

Old fire engine
Old Fire Engine. 
Nanny and Baby bear.
Nanny and Baby Bear looking at the helmets. 

Even though there wasn’t a lot there Baby bear really seemed to enjoy walking around the museum looking at all the old fireman outfits and equipment. I didn’t think he would stop and look at everything in each section but he did. He stood pointing naming the items he knew and asking Nanny what others were. 

We were slightly disappointed as we got there a little after it started and it wasn’t very busy but the craft table was pretty empty. There weren’t any pictures there that hadn’t been colored. Baby bear didn’t look at the table once but it was a little disappointing there wasn’t that option for him to do it.

On our way out Baby bear saw the paid ride on so I decided he could have a go as he was such a good boy. He loves these type of rides but we don’t let him ride them often as we like to use them as a treat for him as we live near a seaside beach that has a lot of arcades and ride on’s. He loved pretending to drive the fire engine and pretending to talk to the statues sat on the ride.

Baby bear on the ride.
Baby bear on the Ride.