If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen that my mother-in-law/nanny took me and Baby bear to the Science Museum for a day out. Neither one of us has ever taken Baby bear into London but K had found out there was a space section in the museum and with Baby bears love for anything space we knew he would love it. We also don’t go on trains very often so that was going to be something else he would love. We were right, the moment we got on the train his eye widened, all we heard was “look mum”, look nan”, “wow” and it wasn’t long before the why/how questions started.

I was a little worried about navigating the London underground and well London in general with Baby bear but I have to say he did so well and listened to all the instructions we gave him. The biggest one of “don’t let go of my hand ever”, I’m actually really proud of well he did considering we are having issues with him listening.

Once we arrived at South Kenington stations we took a wonder around to find somewhere to have some lunch before heading into the museum as we had booked for 1.30pm. We found a cute little cafe called Suzzettes. Its a lovely little cafe with a simple but delicous menu with friendly staff. Once we had finished we headed towards the science museum. Just outside the entertrance there was a man doing a bubble show which we ofcourse had to stop and watch. Baby bear thought he was the funniest thing ever and enjoyed watching him make all the different shape and size bubbles.

As soon as we were in the science museum we could see the space section which lead to a very excited litttle boy. We then moved on to look through the rest of the museum which included, Making the modern world, our future planet, medcine and bodies and exploring medicine, who am I?, mathematics, atmoshpere, flight and engineer your future. There was so much to interact with which was amazing for Baby bear as it wasn’t just walking around looking at things in glass cases, you can actually playgames, watch videos and interact with them.

There are also a few different cafe/snack stops as you walk around. We stopped at the Shake Bar for a milkshake and icecream before heading down to the gift shop. Before I share some photos from our day I will say I would fully recommend it as a day out with your little ones. So here are some photos from our day.