Today we decided to take a trip to Whisby Nature Park with our friends for L’s birthday. Neither one of us have been there before but with Baby bear and L both going to nursery in 5 weeks we wanted to visit some new places before they go. As you may know, if you have read some of my other posts me, Daddy bear and Baby bear love being outside surrounded by nature so this was right up our street. To top it off the weather has been amazing today which was perfect to see all the wildlife.

When we arrived they were so excited to go and explore so V and I decided to go for a walk and explore. The children loved watching all the dragonflies zooming around in front of them. I was just as surprised as them to see blue dragonflies…Blue.

Blue Dragonfly.
Blue Dragonfly.

They loved watching all the birds on the lakes. We were even lucky enough to watch 2 birds making a nest on the water. The views were amazing, it is truly a beautiful place. I was actually quite surprised that both Baby bear and L stood watching the birds for as long as they did and they did it quietly. Well more Baby bear than L but she is only just turning 2.

Whisby Nature Park
Whisby Nature Park
bird watchers.
Bird Watchers.
whisby nature park
Whisby Nature Park.
watching the birds
Watching the birds.

There were so many different bugs and insects around which Baby bear and L loved watching them all. They were so excited by all the different bugs and insects they could see. We were constantly stopping to look at a new creepy crawly they had found. Baby bear kept telling me to “look at these flowers mummy”, he has seemed so interested in flowers lately, its the cutest thing ever.

watching a bug walking on the path
Watching a Bug walking on the path.
petty flowers
Pretty Flowers.
looking at all the different flowers
Looking at all the different flowers.

We decided to cut our walk short after about half an hour as it was getting so hot both Baby bear and L started to struggle. Baby bear also started to remind me of his favorite saying “I’m hungry’, if I heard it once I heard it 100 times. Seriously he is always hungry, even if he has food in his hand he will tell me how hungry he is. We found a bench right next to the lake to have our picnic, there is a cafe but you can’t beat a picnic on a sunny day. After lunch, we did the only acceptable thing on a hot day… we got ice cream which of course they kiddies loved.

baby bear with his ice cream
Baby bear with his ice cream.
L with her ice cream
L with her ice cream.

Of course, me and V had ice cream too but we were covered in that much ice cream the children decided not to take any photos of us. We can’t go anywhere.

We then found the climbing frames, sandpit, and water play section. Most of it was outside except 1 climbing frame which is inside. I was surprised how nice and well kept it all was considering it was completely free other than £2 all-day parking. Baby bear and L had so much fun playing which is all that matters really.

sandpit fun
Sandpit fun.
climbing frame watchtower
Climbing frame watchtower.
Climbing frame fun
Climbing frame fun.
baby bear
Baby bear.

Needless to say, we had an amazing day with 2 of our favorite people. It was the perfect way to spend such a lovely warm day with our little people. I would recommend Whisby Nature Park to anyone in the area as it was such a fun day out. We cant wait to go back with Daddy bear to show him what I think maybe one of my favorite places to go now.