Growing up my parents would always take us to the local show. We would also go to the Welsh show when we went to visit family in Wales. When myself and Daddy bear started dating he then started to come along to shows with my family. So needless to say we both enjoy going, and we agreed that once we had children we would take them to experience them too as they are a good family day out. 

We have taken Baby bear to a handful of shows now but our day out today has been the best experience yet. When our friends invited us to check it out with them we decided we would take them up on the offer. We wanted to go over to check it out, to do something with my brother while he is staying with us and to have a nice family day out at a show.

Even though this was the smallest show we have been to but I think that was perfect for Baby bears first show where he was actually taking part in things that are there. He seemed to really enjoy himself which was the main thing. 


The first thing we saw when we arrived was the birds of prey on display which Baby bear loved as he is completely obsessed with birds lately. After looking at them for a while we continued walking round to find somewhere to sit to have lunch as we were all hungry.

As we were eating lunch we watched a dance school perform in the main arena. This was good until Baby bear spotted the fire engine then he wanted to go and see that. We have seen a fire engine in person before and he cried and wouldn’t let me put him down. This time he was hesitant at first but with Daddy Bear, he then sat in the cab and looked at all the equipment they had set out to look at. He seemed to really enjoy it. 

Baby bear and Daddy bear
Baby bear and Daddy bear with the fire engine. 
Baby bear and Daddy bear
Baby bear and Daddy bear in the fire engine.
Baby bear with a fire hose
Baby bear with the fire hose. 

We then continued to have a stroll round to see what else was there. Myself and Baby bear found a play circus tent while Daddy bear and uncle looked at Range Rovers (Daddy bear is desperate for one!). We there found our friends who we went to sit with around the arena to watch what was going on in there.

We watched the birds of prey display which Baby bear loved watching all the birds fly around. 

flying bird.
Bird of prey flying. 

It was such lovely weather today so we couldn’t miss the chance to have an ice cream while waiting for the stunt bike show to start. Daddy bear was also lucky enough to get cuddles from Baby bear while we were waiting. 

Ice cream
Ice cream cones. 
Daddy bear enjoying Baby bear cuddles.
Daddy bear enjoying Baby bear cuddles.

Finally, the stunt bike show started. Baby bear loves bikes, cars, and diggers at the moment so we knew he would like it but we couldn’t have imagined the smile he had on his face the whole time. He absolutely loved watching the bikes do all the tricks. He didn’t take his eyes off them the whole time, he sat clapping every time they landed the bike, he kept shouting “Yay Bike”. 

Stunt bike.
Stunt bike. 
'flying' bike

We were lucky enough that after they had finished performing, we walked past their pitch on our way out and we got a photo of myself and Baby bear with them. Baby bear also got to touch their bike which made him one very happy little boy.

Me and baby bear with the bikers.
Me and Baby bear with the bikers. 

We had a fun day out together, and can’t wait to check out the other shows going on in our area this year.