We are an outdoor kind of family. We love being outside, taking a walk, exploring the world around us. As Baby bear is growing up he is loving being outside as much as possible to which we love. I love the fact we all enjoy just going on walks as a family making memories.

Our favorite place to go for walks in our local national nature reserve Gibraltar Point. We love going here for an evening either after dinner or getting chips to eat there and on the weekends. Our go-to place to walk to an evening is the beach area within the reserve. Its nice as most of the time when we go there is hardly anyone there.

As my brother is here visiting we decided we would take him there for a walk with fish and chips on the beach for dinner.  

fish and chips
Fish and Chips Dinner. 

Once we had made our way to the beach and ate dinner, Daddy bear and Uncle went to see who could throw the stone the furthest. Baby bear loved cheering them both on.

boys playing
Daddy bear and Uncle playing. 

One of Baby bears favorite things to do is digging through the sand finding shells. Once he finds one he likes he then brings it to me so we can bring them home to add to his collection in the garden. This time he only found the one he liked.

Baby bears shell. 

Daddy bear then took Baby bear into the water to play. This is another thing Baby bear loves to do so I have to make sure we remember a towel and nappy to take down to the beach. Then I always make sure I have some pj’s in the car ready to change him into before we go home.

boys playing in the water.
The boys playing in the water. 

We love spending quality time here and really enjoyed showing Uncle our favourite place.