If you have been following my Year of Photos over on my Instagram you would have seen we took Baby bear to the cinema last weekend. It was the first time he has ever been, he sits and watches movies at home all the time so Daddy bear and I decided he was probably ready to sit in a cinema for the duration of a whole movie.

We decided to take him to see Frozen 2 as he has loved watching the first one lately. We had a family pass to see 1 movie free from when we took Baby bear for Breakfast with Santa at Christmas which worked out perfectly with our plan for a family day out. As soon as Baby bear found out what we were doing the first question he asked was if he could have popcorn (his new movie obsession, he asks for popcorn every time he watches a movie at home lately). Once we had told him the cinema sell their own popcorn he could get the excitement level hit the roof, he was bouncing up and down, running around, giving us kisses and cuddles thanking us for taking him. And this was 2 days before we were actually planning on going.

As soon as he woke up Saturday morning he couldn’t stop asking if it was time to leave yet. I’ve never seen him so excited to get dressed and brush his teeth. Getting food into him was more of a task than usual (Baby bear isn’t a fan of eating breakfast or anything other than fruit really at the moment).

Once we arrived at the cinema we were a little early so Daddy bear had the great idea to have a couple of games on the 2p machines while we waited. You may know Baby bears love for the ‘machines’ if you have been following for a while so he had a wail of a time.

I love experiencing the world through Baby bears eyes. Simple things like the cinema become this new amazing place when you experience them for the first time with your little ones. He loved the movie and didn’t take his eyes off the screen the whole duration of the movie other than going to the toilet. He struggled with the being quiet part, he kept asking questions in his normal voice which of course it a little loud for the cinema. We were very lucky to only have 3 other people in the screen with us and they didn’t make it uncomfortable for us.

We had an amazing day spending some quality time together as a family.