We gave Baby bear his first Yes Day Saturday and I honestly was shocked how it went. We watched the film called ‘Yes Day’ on Netflix a few weeks ago and it got me thinking about how much we do say no in day-to-day life. So after having a chat with Daddy bear about what he thought about giving Baby bear a Yes Day and he agreed it was a good idea.

You may be wondering what a Yes Day is and it is basically where you don’t say no to your child for a whole day. This sounds scary but you put rules/boundaries into place to keep it from going utterly crazy. So for us our rules/boundaries were:

  • It can’t be something that will last longer than the Yes Day (book a day out, get a pet, etc).
  • No one can get hurt or put in danger.
  • There was a £50 limit.
  • The household rules still applied (no jumping on the bed, if you don’t finish the food you got you don’t get anything else, be kind, etc).

When we asked baby bear if he wanted a Yes Day on Thursday and he obviously said yes we went over the rules but also what a Yes Day meant for him. He could pick where we went, what we did, what we ate, and who with. He was so excited and we booked in our Yes Day for Saturday (when my parents were here funny enough). Daddy bear and Grandad were out for the day so Baby bear got to decide what Nanny, he, and I got to do. I was very shocked at his plan for the day if I’m being honest, which I’m not sure why as it was a very Baby bear day.

He decided he wanted to go to the shop to get the helicopter he had been looking at and asking for nearly a month, he then wanted to go and pick some lunch, come home and play with his new toy. He then wanted to go to the park and feed the ducks before coming back home to play video games with Daddy bear and grandad. He then requested we went to the pub for dinner (which we were doing anyway but it was his choice haha) so that’s what we did. Before we left for the shop though Grandad laid a £5, £10, and £20 out and told Baby bear to take what he wanted so he picked up the £5 then with Nannys prompting he picked up the £20 too.

When we got to the shop the helicopter he wanted was on sale and with the money, he got from Grandad he was able to get the Fire and police helicopter and the fire engine. Baby bear also picked Mia up a toy which he does every time he gets to pick himself something from the shop. He is usually not allowed on the rides outside the shop but of course, I couldn’t say no so he was so excited to be able to ride on them, he did however tell me afterwards they were boring haha.

So once we was home we played with his vehicles and built his lego set he got to. We then ate lunch before heading over to the park to play. We was meant to go and see the ducks after but it started to rain so Baby bear decided to head home. If you know Baby bear you will know he is a huge water baby so as soon as we was home he was in the bath playing with Nanny. The boys still weren’t home so we decided to start getting ready to go out for dinner, doing our hair and I painted mums nails for her. Once the boys got home we then finished getting ready and headed out for dinner where Baby bear had a blast and we had an amazing night with my parents.

Let me know if you do a Yes Day and how it goes. It is defiantly something we will be doing again.