We enjoyed our honeymoon in Mexico at the Grand Palladium Riviera Maya for 10 days. It was beautiful, relaxing, and just what we needed. Just maybe not the nearly 12-hour flight there and back but I will say the flight out was better than the flight back and it was longer.

We flew from Gatwick and decided to book a hotel room at the airport for the night before as our flight out was at 9.45am and neither of us fancied the early morning. It was also cheaper to book the hotel room with parking that it was just parking at the airport. We enjoyed having the night to ourselves to unwind and relax before we left and my gosh it was needed after our busy day buying the new van. This was only my second time flighing and I’m a nervous traveller so I followed Daddy bears lead to get to the airport and throughout. Before we boarded we treated ourselves to a checky starbucks and some treats for the plane.

Once we had boarded and settled in for our 11 and abit hour flight. We were served plenty of drinks so ofcourse we started the holiday and enjoyed some glasses of red wine. Our inflight meals were also very nice, starting off with some Chicken and Tomato pasta followed alittle later by an egg sandwich. We also enjoyed some of our treats we brought at the airport, with the inflight entertainment. Daddy bear even took a nap (he is going to kill me for this photo but its one of my favourites).

After the longest desent and being sat on the runway we finally was able to deboard the plane and head through the airport before loading up on the coach for transfer to the hotel. It was strange driving to the hotel as it not the fanciest around but once you drive up the enterance way to the hotel it all becomes very fancy and not run down at all. Tips are encouraged in Mexico for everyone which we were expecting but it caught a few people off gaurd. Once we arrived at the hotel, the porters helped us with our bags while we headed through the lobby to check in. We had wanted a certain room when we orginally booked but it wouldn’t let us so we were very excited when we were offered the room as an upgrade for a little extra. It was closer to the pool and abit more central to everything which was what we wanted. Once we had sorted our room we had to wait a while for them to sort it out for us so we left our bags in the lobby with the porters and went for an explore.

We deceided to stop past the Buffet for some dinner before heading back to our lobby and go to our room. It is my first all inclusive holiday so it took my back all the options there were for us. Once we had finished we hopped on a golfcart with the porter and headed to our room. Daddy bear had booked and sorted everything for the honeymoon out so I hadn’t seen the room until then and oh my goodness it was amazing. It was huge, with a super king bed, dressing table, tv stand with mini fridge inside, a sofa, 2 table and chairs as well as a balcony with another 2 chairs and table out there.

We were both pooped so headed to bed before enjoying our first day of paradise. Mexico is 6 hours behind here so after refusing to get up at 1am their time we slept until 5.30am when we decided to just get up and ready for the day. Nothing opened till 7 so we made some coffee in our room, enjoyed some time together before getting up and dressed for breakfast. All our days were the same really. We got up and ready, went to the buffet for breakfast. We then stopped past our room to pick up our bag for the pool before heading to pick up our towels and find a sun lounger.

The first few days we sat by the big pool and enjoyed the swim up bar. However we then discovered a smaller adult only pool which we then spent the rest of our holiday at. It didn’t have a swim up bar but it wasn’t a far walk to the bar and the bar staff came round every half hour or so and took your drinks order and brought it to you. Win win really as it was also quieter so we could just enjoy reading our books undisturbed.

We would then pack up and head back to our room to drop the bag off before heading to the buffet for Lunch. I would then head back to the pool while Daddy bear spent some time out the sun in the room before coming to meet me to enjoy a few more hours of the pool. We booked the different restruants on site for dinner each night to try, baring a few nights we had the buffet. So we headed back to the room to have a shower and get ready for heading out for dinner. We enjoyed the Mexican, Italian, Japanese, Steak house and Seafood on the beach.

The last couple of days poured down with rain so we enjoyed some time alone before we headed home back to reality. We just relaxed and played some games we brought apart from when we left to go and get some food. However, typical the day we leave it drys up and was a lovely 32′. It was an amazing holiday and I’m so lucky to have experienced it with my husband. So here are some photos of our time at the beautiful Grand Palladium Riviera Maya.