So as you may have seen from yesterday’s #yearofphotos over on my Instagram we had a mini stag/hen do with V and C yesterday. They planned for us to go to Skegness’s Escape Room before enjoying an evening of games, laughter, and a few drinks as they are unable to attend our other ones later in the year. They even sorted out for my parents to come up and watch Baby bear for the day so we didn’t have to worry about him.

We didn’t need to be ready and out of the house till 1 pm so it meant we got to have a slow and chilled morning with my parents before getting ready for our surprise day out for our mini stag/hen do. Daddy bear has started a new diet so the day would be slightly different than what V and C had planned originally but we were going to have a good day either way. After quite a few outfit changes I finally set on an outfit and we were ready to go. Before we went V wanted to introduce C to my parents so they came round for a little while before we headed out.

mini stag/hen

Daddy bear had no idea where we were going so it was fun listening to all his different ideas on what he thought we were doing while on the way to the Escape Room. They had booked us into the witchcraft and wizardry room where we had an hour to try and work out the clues to leave the room. We did really well and only had 2 more locks to figure out when our time run out which wasn’t bad considering it was our first time doing an escape room. Once we had finished we decided to head to one of the restaurants/bars to have a drink before heading back to V and C’s to enjoy the rest of our evening.

Who doesn’t like a good game with friends and they had ordered some new games for us all to play. We played a game called Ultimate Forfeit which is a multiple-choice trivia card game. It was defiantly funny and something we all enjoyed. I’m not usually a fan of trivia games as I’m no good at them but this one was good, even though it had the harder questions it also had the easier ones that you could actually answer. While playing we guiltily enjoyed some pizza and nibbly bits while Daddy bear stuck strong and with his diet which I’m so proud of him for as he enjoys food and this isn’t easy for him. We were also drinking which Daddy bear also wasn’t doing. However, we all played and enjoyed each other’s company.

Once we finished this game we moved on to the next game called These Cards Will Get You Drunk. As Daddy bear wasn’t drinking the rest of us took it in turns to take his drink for him. This is another good game that I would recommend playing with friends. After we finished this game Daddy bear wanted to go home to go on the treadmill, we wasn’t quiet finished with our mini stag/hen so V and C invited me to our local pub for another drink before heading home.

It was truely a lovely day and the best thing of all was I wasn’t drunk which meant no hangover today, win win in my eyes. It was defiantly a mini stag/hen to kick off the pre wedding celebrations.