As you may know for Baby bears birthday present my Aunt and Uncle got us all tickets to go on the Mid Norfolk Railway Polar Express Train Ride. We had looked at taking him last year but it was sold out so we were so excited when we got the tickets. If you have been following my Instagram stories you will also know Baby bear has fallen in love with The Polar Express film which just made it even more exciting.

Once I knew we were going I couldn’t wait to find Baby bear the perfect set of PJs to wear. After a while of looking and trying to find a yellow 2 piece, PJ set like what the little boy wore in the movie. My search was unsuccessful so I decided we could all wear matching PJs which wasn’t easy at first (I think mainly because of the time of year). After hunting for affordable matching PJs that didn’t say ‘mummy’ or ‘daddy’ because I wanted then for my Aunt, Uncle, and cousin to I finally found them on George Asda.

The day finally came and we were all so excited. Our tickets were for the 5.30 pm train which was torture for Baby bear, as soon as he woke up that morning he was begging to put his PJs on and go. As soon as we arrived his face lit up. I’m glad we didn’t get tickets last year as this is the first year he is really understanding and excited for Christmas. I loved the fact there wasn’t a super long line of waiting as we arrived which I honestly think helped keep the magic alive for the children.

Before boarding the train there was a short show for us all to watch, which included Smokey, Steamer, the conductor and the boy. Which Baby bear loved and it had all the guests laughing adults included. This lasted for around 10 minutes before the conductor invited us all aboard The Polar Express. Baby bear didn’t let go of his ticket at any point which was the cutest thing ever.

On each carriage had 2 chefs and a conductor which I thought was really good as it kept the magic and story alive the whole time. So as we were boarding our carriage our conductor and chefs started interacting with us. Seeing Baby bears face literally melted my heart. it made it all so worth it and I would honestly pay anything to see his face light up like that every Christmas. When everyone was seated the conductor introduced himself and the chefs to us all and welcomed us aboard. After a while, the train began to move and the conductor and chefs sang their first song ‘The Polar Express’ while we all waved our tickets. Baby bear didn’t stop watching them he absolutely loved them and it was the cutest thing ever.

It the experience was 2 hours but it didn’t feel like we were sat on a train for that long at any point. They kept us all interested and engaged, even as adults we laughed the whole time. The conductor and chefs made jokes, talked to us, and even acted out parts of the film. Then the conductor and chefs disappeared and the lights went out. Along the Isle walked the man from the roof in the film with a lantern in his hand. As quick as he arrived he was then gone just like in the film.

the polar express

Once the lights were back on the conductor and chefs come back and asked if we wanted a Hot chocolate and cookie before then performing the ‘Hot Chocolate’ Song which is Baby bears favorite part of the movie. I know I keep saying it but it was amazing, and the hot chocolate and cookie were so nice.

At different moments throughout the journey, the conductor would as all the guests if we believed to which we would have to shout that we did. They also read the story to us while showing us the pictures from the book. We also all sung Christmas carols before we come into the station where we were encouraged to look out of the train window to see where they had decorated one side of the station to look like the north pole from The Polar Express film. There was then Santa outside on a sleigh with an elf waving and pulling funny faces at us on the train.

While we were all watching Santa out the window and the train was stopping in the station the conductor punched everyone’s tickets with different designs. During this, Santa came aboard the train and gave everyone a bell from his sleigh as the first gift of Christmas. Baby bears face was a picture (its not a good photo as he was moving but look at that excitement).

the polar express
Pure Excitement.
father christmas - The polar express

After everyone tickets were punched and everyone had received their bell the trip was over. On our way out we stopped past the gift shop to see if we could get a magnet for our collection on the fridge and if there was a traditional copy of The Polar Express book as Baby bear didn’t have it in his collection yet. We also got Baby bear a toy train that looked like the Polar Express and a Conductor hat to add to his dress-up box.

Needless to say, we had a truly amazing and magical time. We all loved every second and we can’t wait to book our tickets to go again next year. I can’t wait to take him back and see his face again, it was worth every penny and more. I would recommend it to anyone looking at taking their little ones without a doubt.

We was not gifted with this experience or paid for this review. It is my honest option of our experience and we paid the full ticket price to go.