Our Princess, 

Your 2… 2! What? This past year has flown by and my goodness we couldn’t be prouder of you. We are so greatful to have been your Mummy and Daddy for the past 13 months. I have watched your grow into the cheeky, whirlwind, funny, loving little girl while learning all about you and growing our bond. I can’t wait to continue being your mummy and seeing where you go in your life. 

I can’t believe how much you have changed this last year, you seem to be growing so much faster then Baby bear ever did. Daddy trimmed your fridge for the first time (we will go to the hair dressers from now on shall we princess?!). You have also nearly cut all your teeth now, its been a bit of a rough road but we have got there with them. You are walking, running, climbing and getting into everything. You have settled in to our life and have grown such amazing friendships especially with E. I have loved seeing how far you have come since you have come home. You still have an amazing relationship with R and M as we all do, we have grown to love them and enjoy spending time with them. Everyone in the family have fallen in love with you to and you love them just as much. 

You are completely obsessed with Peter Rabbit. Anything Peter Rabbit you are there. We watch the movie on repeat daily even Daddy sings along to the songs and repeats quotes from the movies. We even went to see Peter Rabbit for your birthday and threw you a Peter Party with everyone who loves you. 

You have become my little helper around the house, you love helping me do all the housework. You have even been enjoying helping cook and preparing food to which is lovely, you are never far behind me which I love. For your birthday you got your own cleaning trolley and hover which you love using. I love having my own little helper even if it does take my twice as long to do tasks I hope it doesn’t change. 

You have starting having some settling in sessions at nursery ready to start going there 3 days a week while Mummy and Daddy are at work. You have been loving it and seem to have settled in really well already. You are truly an amazing little girl who we love so much. You brighten our day and make everyone around you smile. We love you so much Sweet Bear never change. 

Love You Always,

Mummy xx