So as many of you know if your a regular reader we are trying for baby number 2 and after taking some time out after our last loss and tubal removal. We decided to start out TTC journey again back in February before everything happened with the COVID-19 virus. At first, we didn’t change our plans, to be honest, we didn’t even think it would become as serious as it has. However, when the country was placed into lockdown I decided to have a chat with Daddy bear about how I was feeling moving forward.

As you can expect, this wasn’t an easy conversation for either of us to have. We want another baby, we are ready for another baby so to talk about not doing that wasn’t easy. This being said it was a conversation I felt like we needed to have. I had been thinking for a few days beforehand about what I wanted to do and how to bring it up to Daddy bear.

After a long chat with myself, I decided it would be best to pause our TTC plans while this COVID-19 was going on and once I spoke to Daddy bear he agreed. As much as we didn’t want to make that decision it is what’s best for my health and our family. I am at high risk if I caught the virus so that was the biggest part of our decision.

Due to being high risk, we decided that as much as we want to keep to our TTC journey plan, getting pregnant would be putting me and the baby at risk. As you may know, I have to go to the hospital every other day for HCG blood tests and since having our Ectopic pregnancy the end of last year I would now also receive regular scans to keep an eye on me and our baby. So this would be putting me in a vulnerable position visiting the hospital so often but it is also putting another strain on the NHS during this very difficult time.

Also due to social distancing and the lockdown, we have lost the options of having our friend watch Baby bear or him being in nursery while we go to the hospital. Which would mean we would have to take him with us so all 3 of us would be exposed unnecessarily as Daddy bear would be taking us so we didn’t have to take public transport.

It just made sense all round to put a hold on TTC until all of this is over, which if I’m being honest sucks. I hate knowing another month is passing and we are no closer to fullfilling our wish of growing our family. I know once all of this is over we will start trying again, and we may have a surprise during this isolation because I’ve said before we don’t use any contraception (it is very unlucky we will fall pregnant while not trying). We are doing the right thing for everyone but sometimes the right thing sucks.