Daddy bear and I had been talking about going to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour for the Making Of Harry Potter for a while. We just never actually got round to booking it so when my parents asked what we wanted for Christmas we took decided to ask for tickets to go. So that’s what we were lucky enough to receive. My parents also paid for us to have the Digital Guide and the Paperback Souvenir Guidebook.

We held off booking our tickets at Christmas because we were unsure what this year held for Daddy bear and his job. So when we come to book them March time we found it was so hard to find a date available as it books up quickly. Our tickets were for 5.30pm so we decided we would just book a hotel near the tour for the night as we didn’t know how long we would be in there for. Also, let’s be honest we had a babysitter and don’t get much time for ourselves so we took advantage of my parents having Baby bear and took some time for us.

We decided to get to our hotel for check-in at 2pm so we could just have a break before heading into Harry Potter. My brother kindly offered to watch Baby bear for us while my parents were at work (he is 17-years-old so defiantly old enough to watch him) so we could make that happen. Needless to say Baby bear had a great time with his uncle at the park and playing in the garden together.

Playing at the Park with Uncle W.
Playing at the park with uncle W.

As relaxing and quiet as the hotel was after about 2 hours, a shower each and getting ready we were bored. We aren’t used to doing much, so decided to take a trip to the local Asda to have a wander around (I know such a fabulous life we lead) until it was our admission time.

Finally, 5.30pm rolled around and it was time to see the magic for ourselves. We were so excited…

Harry Potter Ready.
Harry Potter Ready.

Once you are past security, there is a clock room area and the desk for you to get your Digital Guide. If you don’t get them when you book your tickets you can hire them on the day.

The Digital guide
The Digital Guide.

There were so many photo opportunities around the tour. As you will see there aren’t any photos of Daddy bear other than this one, he didn’t want any taken.

only photo of daddy bear.
Only Photo of Daddy bear.

Before they lead you into the Great Hall through the doors, they take you through 2 cinema rooms. In there you go through some rules they have like not touching the exhibits, keeping food and drink away from the exhibits. There is also a video with Daniel, Hermione, and Ron welcoming you to The Making Of Harry Potter. You then enter into the Great Hall.

There were all 4 house uniforms and fireplace set out for you to see. At the top of the hall they had all the teachers costumes set out just like in the movies. It was amazing to see them all standing there made you feel like you was apart of the movies.

The doors to the great hall.
The Doors to the Great Hall.
The house Crest behind the Fireplace.
The House Crest Behind The Fireplace.
Table all set.
Table all set.

They then left you to walk through the rest of the tour on your own. Each section has a screen with Interviews and information for you to read. Each section also has a number which corresponds to your Digital Guide which give you more information, interviews with the cast&crew and behind the scenes of making the movie. There were costumes, props, parts of the sets. These following pictures are just a few of the 100’s we took while there. SO enjoy.

About half way through there is The Backlot Cafe which was quite handy as we didn’t have dinner before we entered so we were hungry by the time we go there. We got a burger and chips each and of course a famous Butterbeer (which was so bad… sorry if your someone who likes it but we didn’t at all.

There are 3 gift shops in total 2 during the tour. 1 just after the Forbidden Forrest and 1 at Platform 9 3/4 and the main one at the start/end of the tour. We knew roughly what we wanted to get but had some spare time before we went into the tour. So we had a look round the main gift shop which we were glad we did as the shops during the tour had exclusive items you couldn’t buy at the other gift shops. It can be a little pricey but as we said these things are exclusive to the tour and its nothing something you do every day.

our gift shop purchases.
Our Gift shop purchases.

This is not an affiliate post. I received nothing in return for this post and these are my own thoughts and opinions.