Baby bear loves birds at the moment. He will sit at our living room window for at least 30 minutes everyday to watch the birds in the garden. So for Baby bears birthday, one of his aunts brought him his own wooden bird house for him to decorate to combine and another brought his a lot of painting equipment. 2 of his most favourite things. So we have been very excited to use them. 

I decided to put our messy play table cloth down on the floor for Baby bear to paint on. This was such a good idea, he got paint everywhere, he was so excited to decorate his house.

Baby bears new paint pots. 

Side note: I wasn’t sure about how Baby bear would do using these pots as he isn’t use to having anything like this. But let me say they are so good, they stopped him knocking the paint everywhere. They also meant that he didn’t really mix the colours as I could put a paint brush in each pot and he kept them in their own pot. 

painting his bird house
Baby bear painting. 
Painting his bird house.
Painting his bird house. 

He was so exact on how he wanted to decorate it. He sat for a long time painting each side of the bird house. It was amazing to watch his creativity flourish. He was amendment that he was doing it all on his own. He did not want any help or input from me at all.

This is Baby bears finished project ready for Daddy bear to hand in the garden for the birds to come and hang out at. Needless to say I am super proud of Baby bears creation and can’t wait to hang it in the garden. 

The front
The front.
the side
The side.
the back
The back. 
The side.
The side.

Well Done Baby Bear xx