We have had plans for Baby bears birthday since just after Christmas and none of them plans included a lockdown birthday. But, once we went into lockdown I started to think about what Baby bears birthday would look like and it broke my heart a little. I like to give Baby bear amazing birthdays and spoil him, as every parent does but I also make such an effort because part of me worries I’m never going to be able to do that for another child. So yes, we spoil him and I’m not even mad about it.

We always ask him what he wants to do for his birthday and this year he has asked to takeNanny and Grandad A to see the Dinosaurs and to see the Monkeys and Elephants with Nanny and Grandad P. So we made it happen we planned 2 amazing days out that he was going to love. However, with everything going on with COVID we are unable to give him the days out he asked for. So I am now planning his lockdown birthday to make it as special and fun I can for him. It also doesn’t help he can’t even have his friends over to play with for his lockdown birthday. Even though we can’t take him on his days out I still wanted to make it something he wanted to do. As we were going to take him to the ROAAR Dinosaur Park I decided to theme his birthday around a day out there. I’m gonna stop talking now and show you what I have planned for our special boy.

I started by looking through the photos I took when we visited the park to get some inspiration and ideas for decorations. I decided to make loads of dinosaur footprints to put around the garden and indoors (I hope it’s nice enough to be outside). I also made use all a ticket each as you have to have tickets to get into the park. I am really happy with how they turned out.

lockdown birthday

I also decided it would be fun for me to make some different signs to put up around our Dinosaur park too. So I made some that say ‘Don’t feed the Dinosaurs’, “Petting Zoo’, ‘Present Island’ as well as name signs to tell us what each Dinosaur is called (I made pictures to go with each to make it easier for me to set up the right Dinosaurs with their names).

dinosaur name signs

I haven’t finished all of them yet as I’m trying to keep it all a surprise for Baby bear which means only doing them of an evening. However, I will show them all in the post I do about his birthday so keep an eye out for that one in the next few weeks.

So the plan is to set up little enclosures using our logs out of the log store to put each type of Dinosaur in around the garden/ house. Present Island and the Petting Zoo (all his Dinosaur teddies) will be in the living room. I have also ordered an inflatable Dinosaur to place somewhere in the garden (I’m thinking on his climbing frame). Then, of course, I will be putting balloons and banners around the house for his birthday.

I might add some other bits here and there but at the moment this is my plan and I will, of course, be sharing the finished product with you all and if Baby bear enjoyed it. If you are also planning your little one a lockdown birthday also I would love to see what your plans.