It seems so strange to say my baby is potty training but its true. I just want to say that every child is different and this is just what worked for us. We tried a few different techniques with Baby bear before we started to see it actually working.

It was around April that we started noticing Baby bear was telling us when he had done a wee or poo in his nappy. After about a month of him telling us nearly every time he went to the toilet, we decided to go and buy him a potty for the living room. We were gifted a toilet seat for the bathroom. We thought that Baby bear would take to the potty straight away but as soon as we got it in the house Baby bear stopped telling us when he had been to the toilet. He hated the potty he refused to sit on it or even pick it up.

Baby bears potty. 
toilet seat
Baby bears toilet seat. 

We decided to just let Baby bear take the lead, there was no rush for him to become dry. After a couple of months of it just sitting in the corner, Baby bear started to move the potty around the living room when he was playing. He also started to tell us when he has gone to the toilet again. Yet we were still struggling to get him to sit on the potty even with clothes on.

I then started to work with him on sitting on it. I used one of his favorite teddies to show him how to sit on it and that it isn’t as bad or scary. It took a while to convince him but after a little while, I had him sitting on it even if it was fully clothed.


I then started showing him books about potty training and within a week he was sitting on it with just a nappy on. We couldn’t believe how well he was doing little did we know he was about to start running with it. 

No lie again within a week he was sitting having a wee. I looked into a lot of rewards I could use with Baby bear, and I tried stickers and high fives with praise but we found sweet rewards worked best for Baby bear.

We reward him by giving him 1 sweet every time he does a wee on the potty. I have put the sweets in a pot on the side mainly so it is easy for me to grab but I have found letting him pick what sweet he would like is part of the reward for him. 

Reward sweet pot. 

We don’t really have many wee accidents on the floor so I just assumed it would be the same when teaching him to poo on the potty. We were very wrong. The first poo Baby bear did was on my floor. Lovely right?. Pooing has been slightly harder, Baby bear seems to be struggling with knowing the difference between needing to poo or just passing wind. He has been waiting for me to put a nappy on him for naptime and bedtime to do a poo.

This being said, he did his first poo on the potty yesterday. I cried, I don’t know if it’s because I’m pregnant and hormonal or just super proud of my little boy but I cried a little. We decided because it wasn’t as easy for him to poo on the potty we would give him a slightly different treat reward. He loves lollipops so that’s what he gets for a poo.

It is still early days we aren’t ready to start wearing any type of pants as he still has an accident in them every time I put them on him. He is also still wearing nappies when we leave the house or when he sleeps. However , he is doing us so proud with how well he is doing.