Prioritizing Self-Care As A Full-Time Mum can be really difficult but it is vital to ensure you are being your best self for your family. This can be easily said than done but is very important for your well-being. Someone once told me you can’t pour from an empty cup which basically means you can’t fulfill someone else needs if you’re not fulfilling your own first.

Everyone is different so how many times a week you take time out for yourself will depend on what works for you and what you need. I find 2 evenings a week is the sweet spot for me and what I need. Some nights I only take half an hour and other nights I take the whole night. The length of my time needed depends on what’s going on in life at the time.

Have A Bubble Bath.

This is something so simple and one of our basic hygiene needs in life so why not turn it into self-care? Sometimes all you need is a warm relaxing bubble bath with either a book, your phone, or just some music. Whatever suits you and works for you, that’s the beauty in self-care its what you need.

Read A Book.

Not everyone is a bookworm or enjoys reading but if you do this is a great way of transporting into another place and time. I find reading is a huge distraction and helps me switch off from life for a moment in time. I love reading Cathy Glass books, I think she is an amazing author, and the way she tells her stories is simply heart-touching.

Watch Your Tv.

We all know once you have children (and a partner let’s be honest) you lose the ability to watch ‘your’ tv’ so sometimes it’s nice to take time out and away and watch your tv. Whether that be a chick flick movie, a tv soap, a horror movie… whatever takes your pick. Just enjoy watching what you want to watch. I must admit I sometimes struggle to actually pick what I want to watch when I get the chance.

Get Your Nails/Hair Done.

This one isn’t such a frequently done thing but most of us can agree we enjoy being pampered whether that be having our hair done or our nails. However, I am lucky enough that Daddy bear brought me all the bits I needed to do my own Gel nails so this is now something I can take time out for myself and do as I love having pretty nails.

Do A Hobbie.

I enjoy being creative so things like crocheting, coloring, and creating items for my soon-to-be shop are all things I enjoy and could as self-care time. These help me relax and zone out so finding something that makes you feel that way can be helpful and a useful tip.

I would love to hear what you all do to take some self-care time and time to focus on yourself and your needs.