Safari soft play has become one of our top favorite soft plays we have been to, it’s a bit of a travel for us but so worth it. There is something there for all ages (even us adults enjoy it)

Their pricing ranges depending on the child’s age but I think are very reasonable for the venue. Please check their prices page for different savings and correct pricing. However, these are the current standard prices:

Age Of ChildPrice
0-6 Month BabiesFree
7-11 Month Babies£1.95
1-3 Years Old£8.50
4-12 Years Old £10.50
13-17 Years Old£3.75
18+ Years Old£3.75
Ofsted Registered Child Minder£1.25

If you book in person or over the phone there is an additional £1 charge per person and they cannot guarantee there is a space for you to play. If you are an Ofsted Registered Child Minder you will need to take your certificate to every visit to get the discounted price. These prices are for 2.5 hours of play during peak time (3 pm-6.15 pm) and 3 hours of play during the off-peak time (9.30 am-2 pm).

They have a huge climbing frame for the older children with a mini football pitch, a big climbing frame for smaller children which has plenty for them to do, and also their own mini football pitch. There is also a climbing volcano, interactive trampolines&floors, ride on bikes/cars (paid electric ones or free ones), Lightroom, and role play areas. There is honestly so much to do and your little ones no matter their age will never be bored.

You can also get food while you are there from a little snack to a hot meal. I can highly recommend their food we have eaten there a few times and haven’t been seen wrong yet. It can work out a little pricey but nothing it is worth it and not extortionate.

Safari Soft Play has 2 sites 1 in Peterborough and 1 in Milton Keynes. We haven’t been to visit the Milton Keynes site yet but just from the Peterborough one I would highly recommend taking a trip over there with your little ones.