During the week half-term, I decided we would enjoy it by seeing family and friends. I did debate whether it was the best thing to do but with not having been able to see them much this year and not breaking the rules by visiting them. Daddy bear sadly had to work so my mum come and saw us for a long weekend with her friend P and we went and explored Lincoln. After our weekend exploring me and Baby bear travelled to Essex with them while Mia and Daddy bear stayed at home and planned to join us the following weekend.

The first day we just spent it relaxing at my parents (where we were staying for the week). This was my dads day off work so I wanted to spend as much time as we could with him before not seeing him much for the rest of the week. Baby bear loves spending time with Grandad and had many hours of fun with him playing all sorts of games, watching tv together, exercising and loads more. We ofcourse got to see Aunt K and Uncle W aswell which was so nice to spend the week with them just hanging out and being silly like when we was growing up.

Sunday I had no plans so me, mum and K decided to take a trip into the local shopping centre. I knew I needed a few things from IKEA (good old IKEA) and wanted to have a look round a few other shops for Christmas presents so that’s what we did. Baby bear decided he didn’t want to come shopping (which worked in my favour as I was able to actually look at things and I was able to get him a few more Christmas presents). So he went to see our cousins with Uncle W and had a play date with them which he loved.

Monday Baby bear woke up asking to see Aunt B, A and M so after a very early wake up call to them. We went to get them so we could spend the day together. I decided that because I couldn’t take Baby bear to the pumpkin patch this year to get my yearly photos of him we would have a photoshoot at home. We stopped past ASDA on our way back to our parents to get Baby bear, A and M matching outfits. I also talked my sister into cutting mine and Baby bears hair while she was visiting. They all ended up staying the night so Baby bear could have a sleepover with his cousins, which he was so excited about.

Tuesday, me, Baby bear, B, A and M all went over to my grandparents to see them. We try and see them everytime we go down, but this time we even stayed the night with them. I love doing this, me, Daddy bear and Baby bear do its just like old times when we lived with them. Not only that but I really believe its important for Baby bear to have every chance to bond and spend time with them as they won’t be here forever which is sad but true.

As always our days are jam packed trying to see everyone and spend time catching up with everyone. So on Wednesday, we went to see our best friends B, A, R and A. We decided to do a day of Halloween baking and just catching up with each other, which we all really enjoyed. We made monster cakes and Halloween cookies which Baby bear and R decorated amazinling. We did a Halloween sweet hunt with them both and just let them play while we sat and just had a catch up on life. We are so lucky to have amazing best friends.

At the beginning of the week I planned a sleepover with my mother-in-law for Baby bear to go to their house for a sleepover with B. So Thursday I dropped him off to them for his couple of days of fun with Nanny, Grandad, Aunt K and B. I then headed out for a lunch date with Mum, P, K and W which was lovely. Friday I picked Baby bear up to spend some time with him before me and Daddy bear headed out to dinner with K and F (he didn’t actually get to see Daddy bear as he was late arriving and Baby bear was asleep).

Then it was our last day, Saturday. We spent the morning just spending time with my parents before they went out in the afternoon/evening. Once they left we headed up to my in-laws to spend the afternoon/evening with them before heading home. This is where we found out we were going back into Lockdown and we wouldn’t be able to see any of our family and friends for who knows how long (hopefully after the 2nd but who knows).