You read that right, I’ve left my job in Childcare after nearly 2 years working in a nursery to take the leap of faith in myself. I won’t go into details about why I left childcare. However, I will say that it wasn’t an easy decision at all and I will miss my little people as well as the ladies I worked with. But it was a decision that I don’t regret at all and it finally gives me a chance to do what I have been talking about for a while now. I’m excited for the future and the next steps for me, the blog, and our family.

First, the change you may have seen by now is the slight rebrand. When I started talking about the next steps for the blog I decided I wanted a more professional and universal logo and theme across all platforms. Thanks to the help of Daddy bear I honestly love our new look and the fact we are now the same on all platforms. How are we all feeling about the rebranding?

You may be wondering what my plan is now I’m technically unemployed, and it’s this. Well partly this, I want to finally try and turn my passion and love for blogging into an income through paid promotions, partnerships, and advertising. I am also finally taking the leap of faith and opening my own store. I have been using Daddy Bear’s company All Out Printing for a while now but struggled as my creations and ideas didn’t match with what Daddy bears company sold. So I thought let’s just do it, I will never know if I can make something of myself if I don’t try.

Now when you come onto the blog you see a pop-up, that is my doing. I want to grow my subscribers here so have set up this pop-up for you to simply put your name and email in and you will receive a monthly newsletter, discount codes for the shop (coming very soon), access to posts before it goes public on the blog, giveaways and much more. These things are not all set up and available right now but my plan is by Christmas I want to be in a place where these are a reality for the blog.

The shop will also be on the blog, so I can operate under 1 name and brand. You will be able to find keyrings, vinyl coasters, vinyl stickers, milestone cards, and much more. I am also looking into other products I can make for you all while trying to keep my prices reasonable for you all.

As you can see I have some big plans for the blog and as much as I am trying to expand the blog I want to make it clear I am still going to be posting my weekly check-ins, our days out, life updates, and all the things I do now. I am adamant that won’t change as it’s something I love doing and not only does it help me and give me a place to get everything off my chest. I have also had so many lovely messages from you wonderful people telling me how I’ve helped you through something hard which is what I wanted from this and still do.

I hope you are all excited to see the changes and additions I’m making here. Some things will be happening in the near future and some will be a little down the line but I’m excited for this next chapter for us. I’m excited to take you all on this journey with me and can’t wait to see where we can go and achieve.