Since Baby bear started nursery we haven’t gone out for the day for some one-on-one time. We often go out with friends which we both enjoy of course but when he come home and asked for a ‘girls day’ (a day out with me) I took him up on the offer. We get 2 days a week where we are both off work and nursery so I picked a day and asked Baby bear what he wanted to do. I had a rough idea of what we could do but wanted to see what he wanted as it was a day for him. Little did I know we would end up at Skegness Aquarium again for our day out together.

After Baby bear originally picked seeing dinosaurs at the ROARR Dinosaur park which is around an hour and a half from us and I don’t drive so this wasn’t an option. Then he picked taking L to see R and baby A in Essex which again wasn’t going to happen. I went through all the viable options with him that were local to us and things we could do. After some finger on chin tapping thinking Baby bear decided he wanted to go to a soft play and ‘Donald’s’ for lunch. So that was the plan done, Daddy bear said he would drop us off in Skegness so we didn’t have to wait for the bus in the cold.

We took a walk down to the seafront where the soft play is stopping past a few shops on our way. When we finally arrived at the soft play we found it is closed during the week out of season, which meant that I had a very upset little boy on my hands. While trying to calm him I remembered that I had 2 free passes for Skegness Aquarium in my purse so I tried to sell that to him instead. After a little convincing, mainly because he wanted to go to soft play and have ‘Donald’s’. He didn’t realize the soft play in the aquarium was open he could play on and we could still get McDonald’s for lunch but once I explained to him and mentioned he would be able to see Nudge the Zebra Shark he was sold.

If you have read one of my most recent posts about our day out with L you would know baby bear loves Skegness Aquarium and we have been quite a few times. So once we got to the aquarium of course Baby bear got very excited to see all the fish again mainly Nudge. We were the first people in there so Baby bear took his time looking at all the insects and fish without any distractions. We have never seen the Octopus out on the glass like this before which I must admit was even exciting for me to see.

skegness aquarium
Skegness Aquarium.

We had lots of fun looking at all the fish, listening to the staff tell us all about the different fish they have living at the aquarium.  He always asks a lot of questions but he seemed to be really interested in the answers this time. He sat and watched the diver feed all the fish while another member of staff told us about all the fish which was around 20 minutes. He then continued to sit and ask questions about what the fish were eating, if the fish were girls or boys and loads of other things. The member of staff had been telling us about Nudge being ready to start finding a female to breed with which seemed to really spark Baby bears interest, he asked a lot of questions about what would happen to Nudge. I must admit it was my favorite part of the day just watching Baby bear just wanting to know more and understand more. I just love watching him learn.

We then did some coloring, played in the interactive sandpit before heading upstairs to play in the soft play for a while before we left to head over to McDonald’s to get some lunch before heading home. We had an amazing time as always at Skegness Aquarium, I’m so glad we have this on our doorstep.