As Baby bear is turning 3 September, we have decided to put him in a nursery. It wasn’t something we decided overnight and it still isn’t sitting 100% with me. But I have to put what’s best for him first and I really think he will love it. We have looked at putting him in a nursery before but opted to keep him home with me for a while longer. However, we think it is time for me to let him go and spend time away from me with children his own age.

After a lot of discussions with Daddy bear we decided that we are going to send him to the nursery where we live. Mainly, as I don’t drive yet it means it will be easier for me to drop him off and pick him up. I also liked the fact that even when I can drive (hopefully this year…) if Daddy bear has the car for work I am still able to get him easily. This is going to sound so dramatic (I know, I know) but it sat better with me knowing if I ever needed to get to the nursery quick for whatever reason I am in the same village to get to him quick.

After we decided on what nursery we wanted to send him to (last year when we looked the first time), I took Baby bear to view it. We both loved it, he didn’t want to leave the setting which was so reassuring to me. Daddy bear never viewed it as we decided to keep him home with me until he was 3. However, now we have defiantly decided he is going September I am going to take Daddy bear to see it after Easter. We are waiting to view it with Daddy bear till after Easter as Baby bear isn’t 3 till June. We are going to be using his 3-year funding to help with the cost of putting him in nursery full time as I want to return back to work. However, he won’t be able to receive the funded hours till September, hence him starting then.

I can’t believe my baby is turning 3 and starting nursery this year. It doesn’t seem possible but it is and he is so ready for it. I’m excited for this next chapter in our lives, just don’t want him to stop growing up so fast.