So after finding out what school Baby bear got into Thursday with the rest of the country, I’ve had so many thoughts and feeling about him starting school September I thought I would write them down and share. A load shared is a load halved and all that jazz…

I know I can’t be the only mumma/parent feeling this way about our little ones taking the next big milestone in their lives. Scrap that its a huge milestone… Our babies are starting school in September… What? How? I’ve cried so much over him starting school since we found out his place it’s unreal.

I’m not ready for my 7lb baby to be starting school. Spending every weekday with other people other than me. Which sounds crazy because he goes to nursery 2 and a half days a week without me but still it seems so much more him being there all day every day (I know I sound crazy I’m well aware). When we were pregnant with Baby bear we had the discussion about what my plan was revolving going back to work once he was born. We both agreed I would be a stay at home mumma so I got to raise him how we wanted to and atleast one of us got to be at home with him. And now I’m meant to just hand him over to a complete stranger to spend more time in the week with my child than what I get to. It just doesn’t seem right, I know it is and Baby bear is completely ready for this next step in his life but still… My baby.

I remember feeling like this when he started Nursery last September like someone was coming in and taking over raising my child. Like I’m losing my baby to someone else. I like knowing I get 2 full days with him during the week to do what we want, have fun days out and just spend time together.

I’m so proud of him of course, and can’t wait to watch him grow even more and smash this next milestone as he has with all so far in his life. I know we will be okay, I’m just sad I’ve got to give up more of my time with him but we are enjoying all the time we have together at the moment (one of the good things to come from being Isolated from the COVID-19).

Go get em, Baby, bear, Mummy and Daddy love you so much xx