Big boy,

How on earth are you 6 already. This year has flown by and now it’s your 6th Birthday… You amaze me every day with a fact about something, your ability to overcome a situation, or how loving or switched on you are. Baby bear you are still very much a strong-willed, funny, independent little man that has such a love for everyone around you regardless. You are still such a sponge when it comes to there being something to learn about your interests, not so much with other things but we get there. You still have such an attitude on you which drives me utterly crazy but at the same time, it makes you, you so!..

It’s been a busy year for sure but no big events have happened for you. You have continued to love on your cousins when we see them and have such a lovely bond with them. You are still the only boy but you don’t mind you love your girls. You’ve had a good year at school, with lots of academic progress. I love you friendships you have with your besties it’s lovely to see you be such a social butterfly. You are doing amazing with your swimming lessons and have been moved up group and pool recently which is amazing. You are such a water baby even if you do sink my little anchor.

I will be so shocked if you don’t get into something around science when you get older as you are such a lover of anything space or dinosaurs. You have such an interest in finding everything you can out about them and I love it. You are still into your Lego and gaming, anything creative and keeps your mind busy really and you in. You still play with your Marvel toys but you aren’t all about it anymore. We have such a bookworm with you, it’s one of my favorite things about you, your love for books. We have officially outgrown your bookcase in your room but that doesn’t stop the collection from growing. You are still such a music and movie lover and enjoy our dance parties in the kitchen (whole house) with the Alexa blasting. Here’s to another year of dance parties with Mumma.

Happy 6th Birthday Sweet Boy. 

I love you always, to the moon and back.