We had our very close friends visiting from Essex last week. They have a little girl R who is the same age as Baby bear (you may remember them from previous posts). So we decided to take a trip to Tattershall Farm Park for a fun day out together while they were here. We had never been there before so it was new for us all, but when we had a look on their website it looked like there was a lot there for Baby bear and R to do.

Life Long Besties.
Life Long Besties Like Their Mummas.

The first thing that we adults liked was how cheap it was for a farm. We have been to many since having them both and this is one of the cheapest. It was £6.50 each for us to get in and Under 2’s get in free, which compared to other farms we have been to so we couldn’t argue with that entry fee. They also do group deals so it is worth looking into on their website before you go. You can’t book your tickets online thought.

You have to go through the gift shop to get into the actual farm, which was interesting to get Baby bear and R through without meltdowns because they wanted something. But once we were out, there were Rabbits and Guinea Pigs for them to look at so it was a helpful distraction. We got them a bag of 4 legged animal food and 2 legged animal food when we entered so they could feed all the animals. Even better Daddy bear and Uncle A was there so they could help them feed the animals. So Aunt B and I could stand back and enjoy watching their little faces.

feeding the sheep
Feeding the Sheep.
Feeding the lama
Feeding the Lama.

There were loads of animals you could feed like the Sheep, Lama, Chickens, Turkeys, Goats, Deer, Geese, and Owls. There were a few animals there you couldn’t feed like the Cows, Reindeer, Pigs and Donkeys but there were plenty for them. The clean freak mumma I am, I loved how many antibacterial gel pumps were around for cleaning their hands. Baby bear and R aren’t as bad the older they get but they still put their hands near their face and mouth so I like to clean his hands between the different areas.

Oink Oink…
Highland cow
Highland Cow.

There were Chickens running free which provided Baby bear, R and of course us some great entertainment. They decided they were going to chase them and try to catch one which was the funniest thing to watch. Every time they got close the chicken, it would flap its wings and they would fall over. That didn’t stop them try though, they just got up and tried again until it ran into a paddock to get away.

free chicken
Free Chicken minding its own business…
along come these 2.
…Along come these two.

After the animals, we head towards the Cafe to get some lunch. There was a small play area in there for the children to play in while we waited for our food. It was so busy so it was quite a wait. The food was really nice so worth the wait really. After lunch, we head back outside to play on the play equipment they had out there. Baby bear and R found the Bouncy Pillow which they loved and had to themselves.

Bouncy Pillows.
Bouncy Pillows.

It didn’t last to long as it was so cold we decided to head into the Indoor play area to let them play a little before heading home for a nap as they were both getting tired. It was so busy in there so I didn’t take any photos but it was huge with a tractor track next to it so they both loved running around playing.

It was such a fun day out with Aunt B, Uncle A, and R. It was like old times before we moved. I’m so glad they come up to visit and we got to spend so much time with them it was the best. We are lucky to still have such amazing friends even after we moved. Can’t wait to see them again very soon.