I’m not one of them mumma’s who has their head in the clouds when it comes to their child’s behaviour, but I can honestly say Baby Bear has always been quite a well behaved child. We have always been able to take him places and know that he wouldn’t have a melt down. Don’t get me wrong he has always been slightly sassy but nothing we couldn’t handle and we still had melt downs when he couldn’t do everything he wanted to do, when he wanted to do it (he is strong willed like Daddy Bear and sassy like Mumma Bear).

But… the closer we are getting to his second birthday the more terrible twos is kicking in. As a first time mumma, with a lot of things when people warned me about terrible twos I never thought my child would go through them. I remember thinking “he is so well behaved, we won’t have that issue with him, or at least not as bad as everyone is saying”… ohhh how wrong could i have been! 

I know its just a stage they go through and I know that some of Baby Bears issues are that he is a very clever, knowing little boy who knows how to do alot of things so when I try to stop him doing something he wants to do, or take him away from something he is going he has a melt down. He doesn’t like to be told ‘no’, which makes it hard when we are out in public. As much as i say other peoples opinions don’t bother me, the looks, comments and sighs from other people while my child is having a tough time is hard.

Baby bear can be such a lovely little boy, and I don’t have melt downs everyday but the days that are harder are not easy at all. On these days I just try to remember the good days I have at home with him and how lovely is he.

So the reason for this whole post is for 2 reasons. One is to ask any of you other mumma’s how you deal with melt downs in public with your little ones? Secondly, is to let other mumma’s know your child isn’t the only one throwing themselves around the trolley seats because they want to run around the shop, or screaming the soft play down because its time to leave and they don’t want to. Just and remember the good days you have with them and that this stage won’t last forever.