Like most children, Baby bear and L love soft play so we decided we would give The Magical Castle a visit with them for a change. We had never been there before so it was all new and exciting. It is a bit away from us but our local soft play is closed during the week so we thought why not. We decided to head out early so Baby bear and L could have a good few hours of playing before we took them the McDonald’s for some lunch before heading home.

So after a car journey and 2 very excited children, we arrived at The Magical Castle. I must admit even the outside looked amazing. To get into the actual play area there are 2 heavy double doors which I liked as it meant I could relax a little more once we were inside as there was no way Baby bear would have been able to open 1 of the doors let alone both sets. Once we were inside the play area it was a battle to stop Baby bear and L running straight in to play while we took their coats and shoes off.

The magical castle

And they were off…

I was amazed by just how big it was, and there were so many sections, floors, and entrances. Even us mummas had fun (we are giant children at heart). We had so much fun exploring all the different floors and areas. There is a big main play area/climbing frame, an under 5 area and a baby area which are also quite big compared to other places we have been. There is also a bouncy castle and ball pits. Baby bear and L tried out all the areas and enjoyed them all which was a nice change compared to normal when they get bored really quickly in the smaller parts.

The Magical Castle also does different activities each day as well as being a soft play at no extra cost. Which of course, we loved as it was something else to do with them both which they enjoy. It isn’t very often you find somewhere that is so cheap and doesn’t charge anything extra for other activities. There are some of the £1 rides and games there if you wanted to let your child use them. The activity they were doing when we went was decorating cookies. There were 4 different icings, sweets, and sprinkles to use which Baby bear and L really enjoyed making and eating.

After a good few hours, we headed over the road to McDonald’s to get some lunch before bringing our very tired and worn out little people home. Needless to say, we had an amazing day and I can’t wait to take Baby bear back with Daddy bear. It was such a good day and if you’re ever looking for something to do around Cleethorpes way I would completely recommend taking your little ones here.