Being a parent isn’t always easy but when you are living with disability things are harder. Things aren’t as simple or straight forward. I knew when we found out I was pregnant it wouldn’t be easy but nothing could prepare me for what would happen to my body. I want to just say now before I get into it, I know I’m very lucky it isn’t worse and I have Baby bear and I’m not looking for any form of sympathy. I just want to share my real daily life. 

me and baby bear
Me and Baby bear.

I have invisible illnesses, this means I look completely health from the outside but on the inside, my body doesn’t do what it is meant to. I have Hypermobility, Ethlos Danlos Syndrome, Cronic Reginal Pain Syndrome, serve nerve damage which has lead to a lot of operations. My final surgery was to place a Spinal Cord Stimulator in my spine to help me walk. Having these health complications makes my daily life hard and affects how I perform daily tasks. 

I have good days and bad days, and no day is the same. Every day my whole body physically hurt, but on bad days I struggle to walk due to pain. I struggle to carry Baby bear since he was around 1 year old because he got to heavy for my arms to lift and hold. It sucks that when I do have bad days it then affects my parenting of Baby bear. I hate that on bad days I struggle to leave the house with him, I’m super tired and have no energy as it all means I’m less of a parent. 

Having any disability sucks but I feel its slightly easier for me as mines invisible, so unless I tell people whats going on they have no idea. I’m a normal healthy mumma. I’m not ashamed or what to hide it, I’ll opening talk about it, but I do like that fact it doesn’t affect peoples first impressions of me. I get to get to know people before mentioning it if I do at all.

There no positive to this post really as being ‘ill’ and having a baby sucks and it’s hard but I love being a mumma and wouldn’t change it for the world.