Can you tell I’m so excited to finally start planning our wedding after being together 8 and a half years, engaged for just over 5 years. We have been talking about getting married for the past 4 years but always put it off to prioritize other things. Buying the house, renovating the house, paying down debt just to name a few, we agreed from the beginning we wanted to try and pay for the wedding outright and not have to get a loan or into debt for it (not that there’s anything wrong with that we just didn’t want to).

For as long as I can remember Daddy bear has had 1 factor of the wedding he was heart set on. The date, he wants our 10 year anniversary which I joke about him not wanting to have to remember a new date but really it is sweet. Like most girls, I had been planning my dream wedding since I was little but once I had Baby bear my ‘dream’ wedding changed. I went from wanted a big manor house wedding to more of an informal day. I have a family member who is a priest and I have always wanted him to marry us. I knew it didn’t matter where he was in the country I only wanted him to do my ceremony.

We have had many conversations about what we want out of our big day, we agreed we wanted more of a laid back feel with no sit-down meal inside. Instead, we decided we want an outside, natural, barn feel. If anyone asked we would tell them the date we wanted and we had already chosen our wedding party, color scheme and what type of venue for the reception. However, I didn’t class us as officially planning the wedding until we booked our date and picked and booked our venues. Oh and of course brought a wedding planner (this is the one I got and love it). I love being organized and having things written down so I loved it.

We of course thought about the current situation going on in the world and whether we wanted to go ahead with the wedding or hold off and wait. After a long and hard converastion, we decided that getting married on our 10th anniversary and married in general was more important than anything else. This isn’t to say we aren’t planning the whole day we want and really hope it all goes ahead with all our friends and family around us. Again, this is just our choice and just because this is the reason we have chose to go ahead doesn’t mean if you choose to wait and have the big day you want is wrong. Your day is your day and this is ours.

I have had great fun designing my bridesmaid proposals and save the dates to start making them ready to send out. I can’t wait to share this journey with you all and finally marry my best friend. I hope you come along on this journey and the next chapter in our lives.